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Artists You Should *Definitely* Know About – Week 2

I am a huge fan of both the visual arts and the performing arts. This world is such a fantastically beautiful and inspiring place full of so many unique people that make it that way. It somewhat saddens me that the younger generations seem to be losing a bit of the connection with the arts.

Each Friday I’d like to do my part to fix that on Single Dad Laughing, by featuring four artists. A visual artist. A performing artist. A photographer. And a street performer.

Most of you probably don’t know, but long, long ago I used to make my living as an animal portraitist. I also played the tuba and baritone for many years when I was younger. At least once every month or two I try to support the arts by attending the ballet or the symphony or an Indie concert.

My hope is that this weekly post will inspire you to either get out and support the arts a lot more, or to pick up that paintbrush, dust off that old guitar, or start stretching your dancing legs. And please, help support the arts and share this post!

This week, I have three awesome artist/performers for you to check-out:

This Week’s Featured FINE Artist:
Artist Name:
David Padworny

The weekly featured artist may include artists that work in many different mediums including watercolor, graphite, charcoal, oil, acrylic, mixed media, pen & ink, sculpting, etc.

Click here to see this week’s fine artist.

This Week’s Featured PERFORMING Artist:

The weekly featured performing artist may include solo or group performers in dance, theater, story telling, music, etc.

Click here to see this week’s performing artist.

This Week’s Featured Photographer:
Photographer’s Name:
Nick Twyford

The weekly featured photographer will include work from photographer’s whose work astounds and amazes.

Click here to see the featured photographer.

This Week’s Featured STREET PERFORMER:
Performer’s Name:

The weekly featured street performer may include solo or group performers with unique talents or routines that are not generally performed on a stage.

Click here to see this week’s street performer.

If you are an artist or know an artist that would like to be featured on my weekly post, please fill out the form on page six.


Jonathon needs to see STOMP. He would love it and I expect to see him in the cast in about 10 yrs.  :o)


This is an awesome idea and I love it. One problem when I try to submit it says in valid file type and I'm trying a jpeg and a png.


Hey SDL, Im from New Zealand. I love this photographer you've featured and I live not far from the west coast beaches hes photographed. Such a nice surprise to see a local guy on your blog :)


Absolutely love Kalai.  Great music, easy to relax to but definitely right up there with the greats.  John Lee Hooker and Robert Cray, watch out!!

Stacey Gamble
Stacey Gamble

I have a house full of boys now drumming on everything in site. Thanks for sharing :)


Why not showcase other talented types of artists as well?