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Put your finger here…

These videos are so fun. Put your finger on the screen and wait for it...

Walk through China and grow a beard!

This is super cool. This guy takes a photo every day on his trip through China.

Baby bunnies doing the cutest things EVER!

Here's a super cute smile for your day. Tiny little fluffs.


Well, that could be a potentially stinky situation...

Submerged inside a 6ft Water Balloon

This is... is... strangely awesome... and uncomfortable... and absolutely hilarious! I was crying around the 8:17 mark.

Amazing Cake Illusion

Watch what happens when you spin this cake. Seriously awesome - it looks like it's a sweet machine!

Queen’s guards break formation for little boy

How sweet is this? What a memory to have!!

Inside a 6ft Air Balloon

His stance as the balloon pops is rather majestic.

Real People With Real Super Powers!

Magneto exists!!

Guy annoys girlfriend with puns at Ikea

Guy annoys girlfriend with Ikea puns - videovideo
They moved in together recently and had to make the unavoidable trip to IKEA; this guy figured out how to get through there as quickly as possible.

Coolest Gender Reveal EVER!

Awesome gender reveal videovideo
Surprise! It's a boy!

Weatherman nails town’s super long name

Weatherman nails long city name videovideo
WOW! He nailed it, flawlessly!

Hilarious Security Camera Compilation

Hilarious security camera video compilationvideo
Make sure to take the pump OUT of the car before leaving!

Crushed by a Giant 6ft Water Balloon

Guy gets crushed under water balloon videovideo
The weight of that thing had to be pretty insane! I hope his legs are ok.

Little girl busted MythBusters

Adam Savage recalls the time an 8-year-old girl schooled him on a myth he got wrong, and why he thinks it was great!

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