Biggest Loser 30 lbs. or Less Club!

biggest-loser-logoTUESDAY, JUNE 11, 2013


A few years back, I started a Biggest Loser group on Facebook. It was awesome! The entire group was so motivated and collectively we lost something like 700-900 lbs., which isn’t too shabby for 12 people.

Well, the Farmer’s Daughter and I want to start another one, this time with 12-18 people in it, all who have 30 lbs. or less to lose.

First come first serve! Once we have 18 people, the contest will close. CONTESTANTS WILL BE LISTED AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE AS THEY SIGN-UP.

To be a part of the group you must do the following:

1) PayPal a payment of $50.00 to [CONTEST CLOSED].
2) Have no more than 30 lbs. to lose to get to your goal weight. Anyone who loses more than that during the competition will be automatically eliminated.
3) Be willing to weigh-in weekly (via a private Facebook group).
4) Be willing to start the day after the last member of the group joins (as early as 06/12/13).


We will be creating a similar game atmosphere for losing weight to what they have created on the popular show “The Biggest Loser” so that we can lose the max amount of excess weight as possible, and so that we can get our lifestyles into a healthy routine. So… here is how the competition is going to work:

1) This contest will run over a few months, exact time is up in the air since it’s double-elimination, and people might drop out (hopefully not!), or whatever.

2) We will have one group with 18 people (but will run it with as few as 12). In order to be one of those contestants, you have to “buy-in” to the competition. $50.00 is the cost of a buy-in.

3) 100% of the money will go to the winners of the competition. The Biggest Loser of the group (the last one standing at the end of the competition) will get 55%. The biggest “at-home-loser” will get 25%. The second biggest at-home losers will get 10%. And, at the end of the competition, all members of the group will vote for a “biggest improvement” winner who will also win 10% (based on before and after pictures). The at-home losers will be determined by average weekly percentage lost since being eliminated.

4) Once we have our contestants in each group, this group will remain “secret”, so that only the participants can keep up on the contest and so that everything is confidential.

5) At the beginning of the contest, each player will report their starting weight to the group (to one decimal place). This entire contest is on the honor system, so make sure to be accurate. And be honest. For the record, every weigh-in for everybody needs to be pre-breakfast, morning weight, with no clothes on, including the first weigh-in.

6) At the beginning of the contest, each player will upload two “before” photos to the group. A side shot and a front shot (from the waist up). If you have real guts, do it biggest loser style (guys, no shirts, girls form-fitting).

7) We will base the entire competition on percentage of weight-lost (just like on the show). This way, it doesn’t matter how big or small you are when you start, it’s fair, so long as you have less than 30 lbs. to lose going into this.

8) Each week, the two players with the lowest percentage (for that week) of weight lost, will fall below the yellow line.

9) As soon as any player falls below the yellow line twice, that player is eliminated (sorry, can’t think of any nice way to have a vote-off!) This means some weeks, two players might be eliminated, other weeks no players will be eliminated, but after a few months we’ll have narrowed it down to the Biggest Loser!

10) Each week, ONLY UNTIL THE FINAL FOUR ARE LEFT, the absolute winner of that week (the person with the week’s highest weight loss percentage) will be exempt from falling below the yellow line the following week. This means that if the winner falls below the next week, the other two of the three lowest will be below the line.

11) Once we get to the final two contestants, the only thing that will matter is the final weigh-in, there will be no importance if they’ve fallen below the yellow line in the past or not. The final weigh-in will still be a weekly weigh-in, not over-all weight-loss.

12) Weigh-ins will be every Wednesday morning and you will email your Wednesday morning weight to me at [CONTEST CLOSED] (don’t post it on the group wall, I’ll collect all weights and then post them all together with percentages and who’s below the yellow line or who has been eliminated). You can also text it to me at a number I’ll give you.

NOTE: There will almost always be a weekly challenge which will give those who complete the challenges an advantage at the upcoming weigh-in. Check the Facebook group discussions to see what the challenge is, and check it as soon as the week starts since it’s often time sensitive. Every week, if you’ve completed the challenge, you need to put an asterisk next to your weight when you send it to me. If you forget the asterisk, there will be no modifying the results later on, so don’t forget!

Also, it is your job to make sure I get your weigh-in! If I haven’t responded to your weigh-in email (or text) within a couple hours, please follow up with me to make sure I got it! I will respond to every single weigh-in, every single week saying I got it.

13) Any competitor who fails to send their weight to me by Wednesday afternoon at 11 AM (MST) will automatically fall below the yellow line with a “0.0 lbs” weight-loss for the week (or if somebody else has gained, they will be tied with whoever is lowest). Set an alarm in your phone so that you remember. I’ll do my best to remind you each week. I will also make it my goal to always post the results for the week no later than Thursday morning.

14) Just like on Biggest Loser, you have to be willing to hang it all out there. Okay, not that bad, but you do have to post your honest weight. Otherwise, why are we doing the competition?

15) I can’t stress the honesty factor enough. Just post your honest weight to me each week for the chart, even if it’s not great. Everybody hits plateaus, everybody has bad weeks, that’s why you get to fall below twice before you get the boot.

16) This is a weight-loss competition, not an overall health competition. First of all, you should consult with your doctor before starting any exercise program. Second of all, if you don’t have weight to lose, don’t join because you’ll just be throwing away $50.

17) We should be able to see some pretty amazing results from those who really go nuts with this, just like on Biggest Loser. See you at the finish line! I’ll PayPal the winners their prizes within 72 hours of the final results being posted.

18) No HCG.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS. I’ll be creating the private Facebook group as soon as we have all of our contestants. Until then, check back to this page for updates.


  1. Dan Pearce
  2. Sarah Jensen
  3. Elizabeth Lezzi
  4. Tawnee Santoy
  5. Nicole Tangen
  6. Becky Peterson
  7. Rachel Melara
  8. Stacey Shelton
  9. Elizabeth Woolever
  10. Katrina Williams
  11. Tiffany Heath
  12. Stacey Teal
  13. Cindy Billingsley
  14. Andrea Chumley
  15. Julie Hunt
  16. Jennifer Gruda
  17. Victoria Oikemus
  18. Melissa Buhr
  19. Chea Trujillo
  20. Scott Dorman