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My Pizza in China Had Moving Toppings – Also My Most Disliked Video Ever

This is the short video from when I went to China and ordered pizza, and the top was moving when it came out. It's also the story of how this was the most disliked thing I've ever shared.

My Crazy Brother & One Awesome Dad

My brother posted this on his Facebook today and I just had to share. He's such a fun, good dad! I've gotta do something epic like this with my kiddo.

Nightmare on Selfie Street

While drinking wine and chillin' in Sweatpants, a friend and I decided to make an extremely short little "horror selfie" video of our own. Try not to cry...

55 Seconds That Will Change Your Entire Life

Friends... These 55 seconds will change your entire lives. Things like this simply don't happen all that often. And... maybe that's for a reason. Hahaha.

Okay, Give Me An Oscar. Here’s My First Dubsmash Compilation.

Oops! Well, I certainly wasted way more time doing Dubsmash videos last week than I care to admit. Here is an UH-MAZING compilation of my favorites! Hahahaha.

Girls Night Pillow Fight

My friends and I had a girls night, complete with dinner, pedicures, purple toenail polish, and... the best pillow fight EVER. Here's our ridiculous video.

Social Media’s Perfect Manicure

This video is from Jill, one of my readers who read this morning's SDL post and had some amazing follow up thoughts which she so kindly let me share with you.

Heart. Melted. Meet My New Nephew Grant. He Has Dwarfism.

My nephew Grant is one of my favorite people in the world. Their family made this video about his dwarfism (and his heart). My heart... Melted. Please watch.

We Done Did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Noah and I were challenged by lots of different people to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. And how could we say no... to bringing the family into it, too!

A Truly Powerful and Gut-Wrenching Countdown

This twenty-one year old man counts down the years of his life. So powerfully and masterfully done. Just watch.

Noah’s 45 Second Bedtime Star Wars Story

Noah never ceases to amaze me. Like with this 45 second bedtime Star Wars story. Complete with his own music and storytelling flair.

Because Sometimes It’s Just Fun to Have Fun

We couldn't let that box of wigs the Farmer's Daughter and I found sit around unused for too long. So, we decided to have a little more fun!

Jonathan Marcus: Dreamer & Dance Teacher

Last weekend, the Farmer's Daughter and I dug an old box of wigs out of my garage and we ended up making... Ummm... This... Video... You're welcome and we're sorry in advance.

Love is All You Need?

As we follow the real life situations of this heterosexual young girl in a world where the roles of everyone are switched, we start to see a much bigger picture...

Somehow It Works

Amy Pearce sings Somehow It Works. Beautiful music, art, and videography. Oh, and she's my sister, and I couldn't be more proud of her.

The Live Fish in My Brother’s Pants

When my brother lost a bet, then lost again, then lost big time, he traded his debt for one live fish inside of his underwear for 10 seconds.

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