Awesome Videos

Awesome Videos

Just heartwarming and awesome. I love good daddies.

Stan Beaton lost his wife to stomach cancer. He had been saving this voicemail message of her for 10 years when it got lost. Then, this happened.

Milk in the sink. Just watch it. And then try it. I know I'm going to!

I am a big supported of proper sex education in our schools, but many communities aren't. In one such community, this Health Teacher found a way around it.

The 360 turn happened so fast I almost missed it! Amazing!

This was my favorite commercial from the Super Bowl a couple weeks ago. I just came across it and loved it all over again.

You gotta love public service commercials like this. So funny.

This is powerful. Especially if you have a soft spot for veterans and dogs.

I wanna know how he got all that glitter in there! Haha... "My dad always reads my mail so I decided to teach him a lesson by sending a glitter bomb to myself"

I couldn't take my eyes off of this guy as he rapid-fired basketballs for a couple minutes straight. This is insanely awesome.

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Things just got about 327x more awesome up in this joint!