Awesome Videos

Awesome Videos

Hahaha. This limbo team had me laughing pretty good. Can't say more than that because then it won't be as funny!

Hahaha. Oh my gosh. Bet you never thought you'd see (or hear) First Act instruments played like this!

Hahaha. I was kind of waiting for an alligator to pop out and grab it or something. Still. Way too funny.

This video is from Jill, one of my readers who read this morning's SDL post and had some amazing follow up thoughts which she so kindly let me share with you.

OMG. I. Want. This. Dog. To. Love. Me. Too.

Hahaha. Watch this a few times. It gets funnier each play.

What the. How the. Who the. LOLOLOL! This 5-year old let's a cow into the house without letting Mom know.

If you love Star Wars, you'll love this. Especially if you're a parent. Animation is fantastic!

OMG. Too funny. Every parent needs a pediatrician like this to give their kids shots. Shots are scary!

Wow, this Thai commercial about lives lived in kindness is so amazing. Warmed my human heart right up...

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I didn't get a blog post written today because I became absorbed in this text conversation which hilariously got a little bit out of control...

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There are certain things that should never be laughed at. Then there are certain things that shouldn't be laughed at, but that I will probably laugh at anyway.
hey, guess what?!
Things just got about 327x more awesome up in this joint!