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Noah’s Awesome Day on TV

Yesterday, Noah and I were invited onto the Good Things Utah morning show. It was so much fun. I didn't really know what to expect of Noah, it being his live television debut. I didn't know if they'd be asking him questions or if perhaps he would all-out panic when we got there. I prepped him for a couple days prior, telling him how it would work, what the room would look like, about the cameras, who'd be watching, etc. He was really excited. Last night I took him to the store and let him choose a toy which would be his after he "worked really hard" for it on TV. We had a few of our favorite people there to support us. My grandparents came and were the loudest part of the cheering section by far. I also had three sisters there, along with my good friend Tweni (which, in case you're wondering the latest, we've rewound our relationship back to friendship...

Muffin Man’s Magic Weight-Loss Muffin Mix

A few months ago I was at an eating disorder clinic sitting through a demonstration and they mentioned something I'd never really thought of before. They claimed that every magazine and television ad you see or watch is designed with one common purpose in mind. To make you feel as fat and ugly as possible. The more I've thought about it since then, the more true I believe that statement to be. So, I thought I'd bring you my own advertisement done Single Dad Laughing style. The video ad below was filmed just moments after climbing out of bed on the day of filming. No showers, no clean clothes, no super chiseled body, no anything but real... honest... SDL. And hopefully some good laughs to go with it. So, what do you think? Do you have a sudden unexplained urge to go buy Muffin Man's Magic Weight-Loss Blueberry Muffin Mix? Or are you suddenly okay just being you for the moment? Come on... be...

How to put together a 54-piece puzzle in 75 seconds

Let me tell you right now, putting together a 54-piece puzzle is no easy task for a three-year-old. It generally takes the two of us 45 minutes or more. For Christmas, I gave Noah this amazing pack of wooden puzzles since puzzles are our "thing to do" together right now. After doing the same jigsaw puzzle for several weeks, he started begging for more, and let's be honest... Dad needed a change in scenery as well. It's amazing how good he's getting at these things. When we first started doing them about six weeks ago, he had a really hard time comprehending most aspects of puzzle building. At first he couldn't grasp the concept of turning a puzzle piece 90 or 180 degrees to make it fit. He also couldn't understand that each piece was part of a bigger picture, and that each connection had a purpose. But, with each puzzle we put together, he's slowly started putting all the pieces together...

Dancing with the Homeless

If you were following my blog in December, you know that I got hit with a case of the "single for the first time in a decade" blues. I was having such a hard time feeling any sort of holiday spirit. I was in the dumps, and though I tried to keep a stiff upper lip, the weight of everything seemed to hit me at once. Long story short, I realized that the only way I could pull my head out of my butt was to get some perspective and focus on others. So, Christmas afternoon some friends and I headed down to the homeless district in downtown Salt Lake City for a day of dancing. We somewhat cautiously and hesitantly climbed out of my truck and started talking to whatever homeless people we could find. I didn't know what to expect, really. I didn't know if dancing (especially on Christmas) was something any of them would want to do, especially with a...

Just dance

A few weeks ago, we talked about my dancing black duck. I asked you to send in videos of you dancing, and you answered the call! Thank goodness too, because I really didn't want to be on video dancing for four minutes all by myself. This video is you, me, and all of our awesomeness!

Less talk. More walk.

I'm a little peeved right now. Who am I kidding? I'm really peeved right now. I'll get to that. First, I thought I'd better clarify a couple things...

The 30 Personalities of Facebook

There are nearly 1 billion people on Facebook and almost all of them can be reduced into just a handful of personalties. You know, since laughing at stereotypes can be so much fun.

Never throw water on a grease fire

Today, I want to publicly thank God and the angels that were watching over Noah (and others) on Friday while he was at his mom's house. Long story short, my sister went to visit Noah's mom and shortly after she got there, a pan of oil that had been heating on the stove burst into flames. His step dad yelled to my sister not to throw water on it, and then ran to get a towel. Apparently my sister didn't hear him because while he was out of the room, she grabbed a bowl of water and threw it onto the flaming oil. Never do that. Ever. I thank God that the moment the fire started, Noah's step dad yelled at him to get out of the house. Noah obediently ran for safety, and just in the nick of time. When my sister threw the water at the oil, a fireball filled the entire kitchen and traveled 30 feet into the next room. Had Noah been...

Our green screen vacation

So, Noah and I just made this absolutely ridiculous video blog that just might be ridiculous enough that you'd enjoy it. Either way, it has more of Noah, so at least you can enjoy him for a few rounds. Haha. As always, we are overly appreciative when you follow us and recommend us to your friends. Enjoy the vlog! Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

The Time I Blew It On the Price is Right

Yep. I was called down on The Price is Right. And yep, there was drama, intrigue, and a whole lot of young stupidity going on. Here's the video.


When asked for parking validation, one parking attendant was thinking of another kind of validation altogether.

Danoah’s Top 12 Facebook Pet Peeves

I present to you Single Dad Laughing's first ever video blog, Danoah's Top 12 Facebook Pet Peeves. Starring: Noah as himself, and me as the idiot babbling the rest of the time. It turned out a bit long, future ones will definitely be shorter, but besides that, let me know what you liked and didn't like for future videos! Do me a favor after watching this video. If you laugh your face off, or if you have a good chuckle, or if you even crack a smile, please share this video on Facebook, Twitter, your email, and wherever else you like to share worthless time wasters. You do that, and I'll send you 25 bucks. One dollar for every time you thought the word "idiot" while watching this video. Oh, and this video is best viewed in HD, so if you can handle such digital power, change it to 720p. Here goes nothing: Yes, the sad truth is, you just lost a section of your life that you'll...

You *Thought* You Liked Chinese food

Ever been to China? Like, real China? I'm not talking about the one in the middle of San Fransisco, I'm talking about the place where you can get a...

How the crap do you fold fitted sheets?

CATEGORY: HUMOR. Let’s be honest. Being a bachelor is not always without its domestic challenges. At the risk of coming off as chauvinist, I’m going to say something very chauvinistic. Some household chores are better left to women. Not because it’s a woman’s work, but because men are incapable. We are physically unable; our brains and limbs just don’t make the proper connections. We're better off pushing a lawn mower around a yard where the most thinking we have to do is trying to figure out whether it's worth running over the dog turds. Let’s start off with fitted sheets. My enemy number one. Seriously, dudes, have any of you actually attempted to properly fold a fitted sheet? It’s impossible. It’s impractical. And it’s down-right ridiculous.  And what fills this papa bear with the most frustration is that women seem to be able to fold them and have them look perfect. When I try, I get a big flubby wad...

Going to a concert? Read this first.

Last night I went to a concert and it inspired me to write my top 10 music concert survival tips that I think every person going to a concert for the first time should read.

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