Single Dad Laughing Needs Your Help. Please.

Single Dad Laughing
I'm going to be straight with you. It's make or break time for Single Dad Laughing and I need your help. Please take a few minutes to read this today. I'm not ready to give up just yet, and I hope you aren't either.

Why I Need to Bail for a While

Dan Pearce
Hey everyone, you won't be seeing new Single Dad Laughing blog posts for a little while. This is why... And, thanks for always giving me so much continued support.

Just Me. The Perfect Guy.

Bullied into perfection, the irony of having this blog, and a serious dose of my greatest and most recent imperfections... Because sometimes I just need to break out of what's starting to bind me down.

Why Is There Anyone Left Here At All?

Some days, I have to wonder why there is anyone left here at all? With how often I offend people and how easily some people get offended, shouldn't just about everyone be gone by now?

Walking the Thin Blogging Line

There is this line I have to walk most of the time. It’s very thin. Long. Overly fragile. Usually I'm walking it head high, confident, happy. But, every so often...

The Harsh New Reality of Being a Blogger

There is a harsh new reality to blogging, and it really affects both bloggers and blog followers who utilize Facebook, so I thought I’d share what...

100 Things I Never Expected to Learn About Blogging

I have done a lot of great things and a lot of stupid things as I have built my blog to the great place that it is now. Today I want to share what I've learned.

Taking My Blog Back. Taking My Life Back.

There is a reason why my blog wasn't really mine for so long... the extremists. Well, it's time I take this blog (and my life) back. Goodbye 2012.

To Be a Better Blogger: Goal #6

GOAL #6: Stop working so much on stuff people don't care about.

To Be a Better Blogger: Goal #5

GOAL #5: Be a better Facebooker, Tweeter, and Pinterester

To Be a Better Blogger: Goal #4

GOAL #4: Get more personal again.

To Be a Better Blogger: Goal #3

GOAL #3: Add more humor. Add more sarcasm.

To Be a Better Blogger: Goal #2

GOAL #2: Shed some of this thick skin.

To Be a Better Blogger: Goal #1

GOAL #1: Respond to more of your awesome comments.

Celebrating Two Years of Single Dad Laughing Weirdness with… a LOT More Weirdness

I decided to splurge a little on myself for hitting the two year mark. So, I present rapping puppets, thong-clad Welshman, creepy pink bears, and so much more.

How I Lost 25,000 Followers on My Blog

I lost 25,000 followers on my blog. How did it happen? What does it mean? And could it somehow be considered a good thing?

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7 Things You REALLY Should Know About Christmas!

(HUMOR) As I *really* listened to one of my favorite Christmas songs, I realized I had no idea what so much of this even means. And now I have to wonder. Do you?

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And THAT Is Why We Wear Motorcycle Helmets

I still can't believe what happened while on my Harley ride. My heart is still pounding when I think about it. I mean... Did that really happen?! Yep. It did.

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