Silencing the Acerebral Cretin

I despise adult bullies and name-callers. I recently grew so agitated with one such person that I shut him up by burying him with words he wouldn't understand...

Memoirs of a Bullied Kid

I don't recall serious heartache or sadness during my first 10 years of life. But in 5th grade, all that changed. This was my story and my thoughts on bullying.

My Jimmy John’s Bully – Part 2

This is Part 2 of this morning's blog post about my Jimmy John's bully experience, written after several trips back to the sandwich shop... Because things didn't end just because I walked out the door again.

My Jimmy John’s Bully

There's a white-haired bully with a crooked smile who works at the Jimmy John's by my house. And I think it's time I find a way to go in there and deal with him once and for all...

The Bruised and the Beautiful Apple – A Powerful Lesson in Bullying

This is honestly one of the coolest and most powerfully visual lessons about bullying I've ever seen a teacher give for her students. And they all suddenly *got* it...

Jonah Mowry – A typical teenager once again.

Yesterday I shared a video of Jonah, an incredible and hurting boy who shared a message about bullying that NEEDED to be heard. Today, I share with you perspective on that, as well perspective of the accusations that he was lying or acting.


Watch the video. Tomorrow I want to talk about it. Can't do it today. Weeping. Jonah, I love you.

I’m Christian, unless you’re gay.

This is possibly the most difficult post I've ever written. But some strong words need to be said today today. "God hates fags." We've all heard it. But...

Bullied. The Forgotten Memoirs.

Bullying. Its aftermath is rarely less than tragic. Some kids even die. When they do, their stories take over the media. It’s a good money-maker for the industry. Everybody loves to hate bullies. But what about the kids who outlive it? What about the kids that have experienced endless torment at the hands of their peers and survived? Are they less than notable? Does it take seeing the blood on one’s hands before we step in and put the same kind of emphasis on these kids as we do their dead counterparts? Must we see caskets being lowered into the ground before we really explore the problem?

The most troubling thing I’ve ever shared here on Single Dad Laughing…

This coming Wednesday... I won't lie. I've had a stomach ache for days about it. For lots of reasons, I guess, the biggest of which is that it's the most revealing and most troubling thing I'll have ever posted here on Single Dad Laughing.As you might remember, I started posting "Bullied. The Forgotten Memoirs" a few weeks ago. These were memoirs that I wrote in the wake of my post Memoirs of a Bullied Kid, and I never could finish them because they were far too difficult to get through. Too dark. Too depressing. Too... oh I don't know. All happiness was sucked out of me while I was writing them. So I stopped.Later on, I posted two of them here on SDL. They were two of the mildest of the fifteen forgotten memoirs.And, ever since I posted them, the whole thing hasn't sat right with me. No, it just wasn't right to post them one at a...

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