These 36 stories are prime examples to remind us that maybe we should be at least a *little* more selective of who we agree to meet for a quick dinner. LOL.

Gosh. Everything was going so well with her. Until I went in for that first kiss and soon would be fearing for my life...

My therapist once told me to start communicating in more effective ways when I feel frustrated or upset... So here goes...

Hahaha. This child having an *emotional moment* to "Say Something" was way too cute/sweet/funny/awesome not to share, especially after this morning's blog post.

Last night I told you I got an email telling me how disappointed God is in me. This morning I woke up to this email "from God." You guys are the best.

I recently was put into Facebook jail, my friends, and I will tell you that it’s not a place you want to be...

What happens when you ask a giant group of people what the laziest thing was that they've ever done? This. This is what happens. Enjoy.

ALL NEW! We asked your children what the #1 thing you could do to be a better parent was, and these 50 answers were enough to keep us all laughing for days! Hahaha.

I think for these posts, I’ll call my therapist Star. And I’ll call the person she’s talking to Dingo. And we shall laugh at how ridiculous my therapy often is.


"Yay! I love when guys come to class!" our Pilates instructor said. "It's a great place to meet girls!" she said. Yeah right.

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