Quite Possibly the Funniest 44 Insults Ever…

Sometimes the insults that come out of our mouths are so funny that they cease being insults and instead become hilarious entertainment...

The Panicked Sprint

Well. This happened. I finally just escaped from my garage after being trapped inside of it for two hours... butt ass naked.

This is Pretty Much All We Do to Fix Your Crap

I know, I know. You think we are super heroes when we fix your computers, or your phones, or your _____. But we're not. In fact, this... this is ALL we do...

Not EVERY First Date is a Winner… But These *Almost* Were!

These 36 stories are prime examples to remind us that maybe we should be at least a *little* more selective of who we agree to meet for a quick dinner. LOL.

Most Traumatizing First Kiss Ever

Gosh. Everything was going so well with her. Until I went in for that first kiss and soon would be fearing for my life...

Dear Driver of the Tiny Little Silver BMW

My therapist once told me to start communicating in more effective ways when I feel frustrated or upset... So here goes...

Speaking of “Say Something,” This Kid *Really* Gets It

Hahaha. This child having an *emotional moment* to "Say Something" was way too cute/sweet/funny/awesome not to share, especially after this morning's blog post.

My Email from God

Last night I told you I got an email telling me how disappointed God is in me. This morning I woke up to this email "from God." You guys are the best.

Doing My Time in Facebook Jail

I recently was put into Facebook jail, my friends, and I will tell you that it’s not a place you want to be...

The Laziest Moments Ever. Brought to You By You.

What happens when you ask a giant group of people what the laziest thing was that they've ever done? This. This is what happens. Enjoy.

How to Be a Better Parent According to Small Children. Vol. 3

ALL NEW! We asked your children what the #1 thing you could do to be a better parent was, and these 50 answers were enough to keep us all laughing for days! Hahaha.

Adventures in Therapy: Kissing and Pancakes

I think for these posts, I’ll call my therapist Star. And I’ll call the person she’s talking to Dingo. And we shall laugh at how ridiculous my therapy often is.

Death by Pilates

"Yay! I love when guys come to class!" our Pilates instructor said. "It's a great place to meet girls!" she said. Yeah right.

35 Reasons to Unfriend People on Facebook

Take a good hard look at your friend list on Facebook and tell me what you see. If you're like me, you'll see 35 dang good reasons to unfriend a few of 'em.

32 More of the CREEPIEST Things Ever Said by Kids

If you have kids, you know that sometimes they say things that creep you the heck out. These are 32 (more) of my favorite "creepy" kid stories.

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