Yesterday we learned what it took to be the, umm, best boyfriend ever. Today, girlfriends all over the globe demonstrate their, ummm, best ever moments.

You know what they say. Kids say the darndest things. As a parent, I am reminded of it daily. Like when Noah said, if you take Spiderman and Batman and squish them together you get the freakiest bug ever."

LOL. After our epic exercise ball awesomeness/fails, you know I have to share this. A compilation of epic YouTube exercise ball fails!

My girlfriend tagged me as the best boyfriend ever. I felt special until I saw that there were hundreds of thousands of others. Including *these* special ones.

First, I ask that you hum Beach Boys while you read this. Now, I shall tell you of the throat sore from hell and show you a picture of my rock hard abs.

Some people think it's a drastic difference. I think it's barely noticeable. This is how I do it. So easy anyone can do it themselves!

When I was a Boy Scout, I did the impossible as a fat kid. And I was the only kid who didn't get what he deserved when he was done.

Best laugh I've had in a long time. 100s of you shared your most embarrassing fart stories with me. These were my favorites. As well as a story of my own.

I have a secret. And my kid knows I have a secret. He even knows certain details of the secret. And it is DRIVING HIM CRAZY!

I'm a bad dad sometimes. Like a really bad dad. And this is proof.

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