I'm Christian unless you're gay

10 Important Ways Same Sex Marriage Will Change Marriage & Family

Wow. With all the recent going-ons, I've had a LOT to think about. Mostly, how the marriages and families and beliefs of the people I love will be fundamentally affected if same-sex marriage is legalized...

It Gets Better

Today is the 2-year anniversary of "I'm Christian, Unless You're Gay." One year ago I came out as something other than straight. And today this is me, telling you, that it gets better. As dark as it can be. It gets better.

“They are talking about my mom right now.”

I got this powerful email last week. The title was "My Mom." It was from a girl about her gay mother. Almost every other email I've gotten has been the other way around...

One Man Changes Himself to Change his Family

This was an email I received from a self-described homophobic man who decided to befriend his nephew after he came out as gay and the whole family got ugly about it...

Love is All You Need?

As we follow the real life situations of this heterosexual young girl in a world where the roles of everyone are switched, we start to see a much bigger picture...

I’m Christian, Unless You’re Gay (One Year Later)

Today is the one-year anniversary of this post. Usually, I'd write an anniversary post with my most current thoughts and feelings about the message...

In Which I Respond to Josh Weed’s Club Unicorn Post

Josh (a gay man) rocked the boat when he shared about his marriage to a straight woman. But as challenging a post as it was, something just didn't sit right with me.

A Heart Bigger than His Body

Meet James Geiger, a 27 year old good looking guy from Tampa. He happens to have Cerebral Palsy. He also has some things to ask each and every one of us.

A Teen’s Brave Response to “I’m Christian, Unless You’re Gay”

After getting a homework assignment to write an essay about "I'm Christian, Unless You're Gay," one teen decided that enough was enough...

I’m Christian, unless you’re gay – Live Reading by Dan Pearce

I decided to make a live recording of this post for two reasons. One, I realized that the way each person reads it is different. Two, I wanted something more than words on paper for my son to remember me by.

Responses Video to ‘I’m Christian, unless you’re gay’

Three weeks ago I published I'm Christian, unless you're gay. Today I want to share a video with some of the powerful responses to that blog post, good and bad.

Powerful Responses to ‘I’m Christian, unless you’re gay.’

I received hundreds of emails following the 'I'm Christian, unless you're gay' post. Today I wanted to share a handful of the most powerful. These responses turned my world upside-down.

I’m Christian, unless you’re gay.

This is possibly the most difficult post I've ever written. But some strong words need to be said today today. "God hates fags." We've all heard it. But...

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