Monday's Random Ramblings

Screaming Babies. On Airplanes.

The airline seated me right next to a screaming baby. And tell me if I'm right, but there is only one thing parents of screaming babies on planes wanna hear...

Aligning of the Testosterone Cycles

What, you think women are the only ones whose cycles align? I definitely learned that *that* is not the case. And other things...

Health & Crap

In which I discuss all sorts of random stuff, including health and crap. Hahaha. Hey. It's Monday. I couldn't think of a better teaser or title than that.

Apparently It’s “Immature”

Look. Walk a mile in my *ahem* nose, and then tell me I'm being immature and let it damage the relationship.... LOL.

The Awwwwkward “Neighborly” Moment

I did something kind of stupid while driving. What happened next was one for the record books, especially when the other guy realized we were neighbors...

Monday’s Random Ramblings – Inappropriate Death Jokes

Apparently not everyone deals with death the same way. Like when I made a few jokes that weren't *fully* appreciated...

Monday’s Random Ramblings – Noah’s Moment of Torture

It it just me, or does every kid say the same things Noah does when he has to do the dishes? Also... I need to confess something rather embarrassing.

Monday’s Random Ramblings – The Dummy & His Motorcycle

It's kind of inevitable that this would happen right? Also... something about Alka-Seltzer, a 2-year old, and a fish tank.

Monday’s Random Ramblings – Freak Feet & Filled-Up Phones

My feet. The bane of my existence. I have a little problem most people don't have, mostly due to my gargantuan size... Today let's talk about that and a couple other things. Haha.

Monday’s Random Ramblings – Our Cow on the Cruise Ship

I still can't believe the bad karma that nailed me for stealing a couple of chocolates from a turn-down cart in the hallway...

Monday’s Random Ramblings – The Frontier Airlines Rabbit Hole

I still can't believe what Frontier Airlines did... Not cool, dudes in suits. Not cool. And after booking, this is what nonsense I expect on the flight...

Monday’s Random Ramblings – So, THIS happened in Vegas

Yeah. I have some photographic evidence of some things that happened in Vegas. The best place EVER for epic people watching...

Monday’s Random Ramblings – Writing & Drinking

In which I take Hemingway's advice to "write drunk." And regretted it the moment I began...

Monday’s Random Ramblings

In which I talk about lousy women, the fact that I'm now Asian, and many other random things that came pouring out of me today...

Popular right now:

Naughty Giggling in the Trees

I went for a ride up the canyon to clear my head. When I stopped for lunch, I was interrupted by some *naughty* giggling coming from the trees nearby.

Dancing in the Car

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Last night, in the abyss of craziness that my mind was, I shared what I was feeling in the aftermath of my breakup... Today... I don't know...

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