The Awwwwkward “Neighborly” Moment

I did something kind of stupid while driving. What happened next was one for the record books, especially when the other guy realized we were neighbors...


This is the (true) story of how I tried to order a half pound of Swiss cheese and ended up in an all out war with the girl behind the deli counter...

Birth. Not for Weak Sauce Sissy Boy-Men.

My sister invited me into the room when my nephew was born. It was worse than I ever could have imagined. And I barely saw anything of it at all.

It’s Time I Say the Words…

Last week I went for a morning run. When I returned and opened the door to my apartment, the smell of my apartment almost knocked me backwards. It's time I...

This is Pretty Much All We Do to Fix Your Crap

I know, I know. You think we are super heroes when we fix your computers, or your phones, or your _____. But we're not. In fact, this... this is ALL we do...

Dear Driver of the Tiny Little Silver BMW

My therapist once told me to start communicating in more effective ways when I feel frustrated or upset... So here goes...

I Won’t Judge You For That

We've all heard the statement, "I won't judge you for that." But let's be honest about what that really means...

Teenagers. Just Enjoy the Show.

After a friend made a very interesting remark about some teenagers across the room, I had to laugh and wonder why people don't get a few things about teens.

One of *Those* Hugs

Ever had one of *those* days where you needed one of *those* kinds of hugs? You know which kind of hug I'm talking about. Hint: it's not the normal kind.

The Night I Shook Things Just a Little Too Hard

Today I just want to tell you a (true) short story about the day I shook things a little too hard. For no other reason than that it needs to be told and you need to be entertained.

If You Never Hear from Me Again…

My brother had this "amazing" idea. He said, "Let's have a contest!" Somewhere, some idiot inside me thought it was a good idea... I still don't know why.

Turns Out Being a Stay at Home Parent Isn’t All that Much Work at All

I just had the chance to play the part of "stay at home dad" to a bunch of kids. When it was all done, I couldn't help but tell their mom the biggest lie of my life...

Busted in the Airplane Bathroom

Okay, confession session. I discovered something awesome about airplane bathrooms, and I got busted big time for it... By the prettiest girl I may have ever seen in my life.

I’ve Got the Magic in Me

Just hear me out today before you write me off as some sort of crazy. I swear to you, I have magical powers. Read this and try to tell me it's not true, I dare you...

Why Is Everyone Inside My House?! Oh yeah…

Just so you know, I am the pasta making KING. There's just one little problem... And hopefully you catch that this post isn't really about making pasta at all.

Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da

Last week was hard. And depressing. And I ran over a chipmunk. And I cried. And I laughed. And I got the following awful email. And somehow I woke up this morning and laughed because... life goes on.

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This cop was obviously having a really bad day and needed to take it out on someone. I just wish it wasn’t me.

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