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The Friendship Wrecker

I'm in a feisty mood, today. Hahaha. There's this guy. Or maybe a girl. I don't know. All I know is that he/she is a friendship WRECKER! And it's payback time.

Three Men with Guns & Shovels

Just saw this on Facebook, posted by my sister... Ummm... Yeah. Creepy.

Heart. Melted. Meet My New Nephew Grant. He Has Dwarfism.

My nephew Grant is one of my favorite people in the world. Their family made this video about his dwarfism (and his heart). My heart... Melted. Please watch.

Defeating Defeated

In a state of defeat and discouragement for how Tough Mudder ended for me, this is what my girlfriend did to help me put things into major perspective...


I don't know much of what happened at Tough Mudder after I finally just... lost it. My mind went. My body went. And I lost it. Here's the end of that story...

When Things Started Going Really Wrong

Things really started spiraling out of control after those first few miles. And I started making more mistakes which would put me in a dangerous situation...

This Was Not How It was Supposed to End

Hyperventilation, shock, dangerous electrolyte imbalance, and hypothermia. I flew to England expecting my next Tough Mudder to end SO much differently...

We Done Did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Noah and I were challenged by lots of different people to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. And how could we say no... to bringing the family into it, too!

An Update from Tobi!

Remember when we all banded together to help take care of Tobi and AJ, parents to seven, mom with crippling MS, etc.? This is a letter from Tobi with an update!

Rest Easy, Grams

My Grams died on Friday. She wasn’t supposed to die yet. And I'll never forget what she pulled me aside and said to me when I came out. That and other things...

Birth. Not for Weak Sauce Sissy Boy-Men.

My sister invited me into the room when my nephew was born. It was worse than I ever could have imagined. And I barely saw anything of it at all.

A Fat Boy’s Dog

As a very sad and hurting fat boy, I wanted my own dog more than anything. I finally got one only to have it killed and eaten by the neighbor's German Shepherd.

Hanging Naked from the Garage Door

What happens when a cute little Down Syndrome girl climbs up the garage door, hits the button, and takes a ride up while buck naked?

How One Girl with Down’s Changed the Very Definition of Intelligence

Her name was Carissa. My sister. She died six years ago. And while she lived, I believe she changed the very definition of intelligence for all of us forever.

What to Do Before You Get Naked

Seems like falling in love and staying in love with the person you're committed to should be easy, right? Well, actually, maybe it can be...

My Brother, The Shelf Elf King

I've decided my brother is the KING of the shelf elves. Every morning his kids wake up to the best shelf elf surprises ever. These are their adventures so far. Seriously, so awesome...

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25 More of the Creepiest Things Ever Said by Kids

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