My Friends

My Friends

There are three kinds of people in this world. Those who get witty banter and jokes. Those who don’t. And the worst kind of people (at social events, anyway)…

Do you remember Tobi (mom of 7 with M.S.) who we all came together to help a while ago? Well, I really felt a need to share this today before anything else.

I'm in a feisty mood, today. Hahaha. There's this guy. Or maybe a girl. I don't know. All I know is that he/she is a friendship WRECKER! And it's payback time.

My unexpected thoughts and struggle with the death of Robin Williams.

I have five holes in my heart. I don't know if I want to ever fix them or patch them. They are reminders and they are trophies of a lot of beautiful things...

Remember when we all banded together to help take care of Tobi and AJ, parents to seven, mom with crippling MS, etc.? This is a letter from Tobi with an update!

There's this very special group of people that recently came into my life. They have changed me forever. And I didn't even know I needed it until I met them...

Tobi, the mother of seven who we have all rallied around these last couple days, wrote this letter to share with all of you. Stop making me cry, Tobi!

Last night AJ wrote this letter and is letting me share it with all of you. It's his response to what we did for Tobi, their seven children, and him...

I don't come to you for things like this often. Please. Please. Please. Read this and share this today. This lady is beyond amazing.

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I didn't get a blog post written today because I became absorbed in this text conversation which hilariously got a little bit out of control...

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