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A Trip to the Extreme: Drunk Stability Ball Tricks

What good is a stability ball if you can't do out of the ordinary tricks with it... while you're slightly under the influence?

I Guess You Had to Be There: The Super Bird

It’s kind of sad that sometimes the coolest things ever are completely inexplainable. Or at least the awesomeness of them are. Like the story of the super bird.

Quotes that Touch Me: Words, Language, and Life

My friend Heather posted this quote on my Facebook wall. Loved it as it expresses so much of how I feel about writing.

Once Upon a Time I Got Charged By a Moose

Once upon a time, not too long ago... These five friends set out on a hike. Two of them were idiots. And they got charged by an angry mama moose.

An Unlikely Friend

Saturday night I said goodbye to a good friend. On paper, we shouldn't necessarily be friends. Yet, he's a friend I'm really going to miss.

This is Why You Should NEVER Play Phone Games with Me

I took this screenshot of my phone as proof positive that I might just be the most annoying person ever to play phone games with.

Remember that time when…

Tattoos, skinny dipping, and doing stupid things to impress the ladies. It's amazing what gets remembered when you meet up with old friends. :)

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I do it because… It is the only way I can...

Yesterday I embarrassed myself by completely losing it at the end of a very long rope which had finally run out. This is my response to one reader's email.


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Our Seventy-Two Dollar Nap

I don't know how we got into this situation. I only know that it was the end of a VERY long string of crappy consequences for one little mistake.

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