All the sudden Noah is eight years old. What the. How the. Who the. When the. Where the heck did the time go?! Haha. This is a poem I wrote him on his birthday.

Today I had to go back to the very first SDL post for some reason, and I couldn't believe the first pics I ever shared of Noah and of me compared to now...

The story of when everything had been put on the table. And the house had been turned upside down to find what we could. Somehow, we came up one penny short...

Wow, I took a huge stocking stuffer risk and it paid off! I just never guessed it would have been his #1 favorite thing inside of that goodie/toy filled sock!

Noah and I set out to create a new smart phone game together. We had *no* idea what we were getting into. It's been a crazy six months, but the game is here!

You know how sometimes things just get out of control in a hurry? Yeah. This moment in time brought to you by this dad's sheer stupidity...

“GAAAHHHH! NOAH!!! WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!?!?!” What had just happened I couldn't believe. What I'd learn about it I couldn't believe...

For the past little while I’ve been jotting down some of Noah’s more memorable quotes. And by memorable, I mean they had me ROFLSHMTGSI. ENJOY!

In celebration of one of the most important birthdays in history, I made this list of everything we all must do today to make this world a whole lot more awesome. Participation is mandatory. Haha.

It hardly seems this is the third year we've been to our tree. Feels like just yesterday we were carving our names into it together.

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