That's Life

That's Life

I am a big dude, and one flight attendant in particular kept barreling into me with no apology or even acknowledgement of it. But then... karma happened!

Hahaha. I found this post I wrote during a past relationship. This is the pointless and true story of what once happened at 6:00 am to me and my girlfriend...

When the world goes dark. And quiet. And more or less disappears...

My week has been chock-full of funny. These five moments (and one heart-pounding moment) from my week will have me laughing for a long time...

What does it say about me if I get so friggin' excited or bummed-out over the same dumbest thing every friggin' day? I don't know, but I just set a big record!

Wrath. Embarrassment. My big outlaw moment... Delilah and I were meant for each other.

This is my quarterly confession session. Because… Humaning is more fun when we do it together. Take me or leave me in all of my strange and glorious craziness.

This blog started from such a horrid place. But then in the middle of it, the most amazing thing happened! I decided to share it unedited. Sorry if typos! Haha.

Wow, I took a huge stocking stuffer risk and it paid off! I just never guessed it would have been his #1 favorite thing inside of that goodie/toy filled sock!

Today’s blog post is therapy for me, far more than content written for anyone else. I hope that’s coolio. My fingers just kind of did what they wanted to do.

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I don't know how we got into this situation. I only know that it was the end of a VERY long string of crappy consequences for one little mistake.