That's Life

That's Life

It has been a heck of a few weeks around these parts. The thought of typing anything for a blog post right now is... Eh. Just watch this video. It says it all.

The story of when everything had been put on the table. And the house had been turned upside down to find what we could. Somehow, we came up one penny short...

When things for me were just... stressful, this Border Collie in the car in front of me did something so unexpected and so hilarious that it changed everything...

I am in an Apple Store as I write this, horribly embarrassed and feeling like the worst human in all of history. Surely I am better than what I just barely did.

I am a big dude, and one flight attendant in particular kept barreling into me with no apology or even acknowledgement of it. But then... karma happened!

Hahaha. I found this post I wrote during a past relationship. This is the pointless and true story of what once happened at 6:00 am to me and my girlfriend...

When the world goes dark. And quiet. And more or less disappears...

My week has been chock-full of funny. These five moments (and one heart-pounding moment) from my week will have me laughing for a long time...

What does it say about me if I get so friggin' excited or bummed-out over the same dumbest thing every friggin' day? I don't know, but I just set a big record!

Wrath. Embarrassment. My big outlaw moment... Delilah and I were meant for each other.

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I didn't get a blog post written today because I became absorbed in this text conversation which hilariously got a little bit out of control...

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The old man must have been 85. At least. His wife, not far behind him in years. And I watched as they blocked an aisle of the grocery store and had a little fun every time someone passed.
hey, guess what?!
Things just got about 327x more awesome up in this joint!