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#FindMyself60 Challenge – DAY 60!

At the end of my 60 day challenge, I've done so much to find myself once more, and many potholes were also uncovered in the process. This is a recap of it all.

#FindMyself60 Challenge – Day 28

On a well-mapped out 60-day plan to somehow find my old awesome self again, a lot has certainly happened in the first four weeks. Here's the latest.

From Epic to Disastrous in Four Minutes Flat

So, this recently happened. This is the story of the time I took my son exploring with my family and an incredibly epic situation turned bad in a hurry...

The Weirdest Car Accident I’ve Ever Witnessed

The other night, I witnessed the weirdest car accident I’ve ever seen. I’m still completely baffled by it, and I have some weird theories about what happened.

Owning the Truth of What My Life Now Is

Serious post, today. I am owning up to some rather difficult truths because if I don't, I'll never be able to move past them...

I Feel Like I Need to Explain Myself…

Last weekend I got an email, demanding answers to some things I'd rather not discuss with everyone, but after careful consideration, I think I do need to explain...

Why I Just Can’t Write Anymore

I've told you a little about this, but after months of continued struggling with it, I thought I'd give you an update of why I just can't write anything with depth right now...

I Aren’t the Brightest Crayon in the Box

Well, this is embarrassing! Last night my family threw me a big surprise celebration and even to the end of it, I had NO IDEA that it was a celebration for me...

Take THAT Universe

Silly, Universe. You thought you could throw me in with the 93%? Aw, heehhhwl no. You know how stubborn I am.

Dear Father Time, That’s Not What You Do?!

I've been overwhelmed with everything I've had to do each day, so I decided to write a letter (in poetry form) to Father Time to ask for some help. This definitely didn't take me where I planned. Haha. Enjoy...

The Happy, Sad, & Terrifying Halfway Point

Dan & Noah Pearce
I didn't really see this moment, and all the emotions attached to it, coming. It's that moment where I *think* I did it right as a parent, but what if i didn't?

How Do I Fix This Right Now? “You don’t.”

Continued from yesterday. Where were we? Oh, yes. The part where my shrink diagnosed me with a super awesome mental disorder...

Something Wrong Inside My Mind

I’ve been needing to write this, but I had to find answers and solutions first. Answers took work. Solutions took time. Today’s post is not censored or funny.

Naked Me vs The Intruder In My Home

Not sure why the universe decided that a good time for an intruder to come into my home was when I was naked and exposed, but hey. It made for a good blog post.

I gotta say, you never looked so sexy.

It's a brand new year, and that means new weirdness from yours truly. Starting with this...

An Open Letter: Would REAL Friends Do That?!

This morning I discovered an atrociousness which has to have been noticeable for at least a month, yet not one person in my life cared enough to tell me...

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Not That I Believe in Angels

Once each year was all I ever got to watch you. From the day you were born until the very end, I did my best to be something I never actually knew how to be. I hope you knew that...

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