That's Life

That's Life

While having a blast with my kid on the swings, he started yelling "Oooh! Badendas! Badendas!" What he was really saying would give me a stomach ache for a week.

My son and I sat down with some grub, made a list of everything we'd do during the summer, and then pinky promised that we'd do it all. And it was a big list.

I’m 32 now. I’ve arrived at the front brim of middle-age, and as the seconds tick on, I have been forced to ponder a few things about life.

I have a *really* important birthday wish that you can all help with. If, that is, you're rebellious enough to figure it out.

What kind of dad would I be if the only photos I shared were the mishaps?

Sometimes the best moments in life aren't what you might expect them to be. At least when you're a parent.

Tattoos, skinny dipping, and doing stupid things to impress the ladies. It's amazing what gets remembered when you meet up with old friends. :)

Just as our plane was about to land, Noah looked up at me with wide eyes and said the last words any parent wants to hear in such a moment...

Do you like riddles? This one's a toughie but if you have a kid or have been around kids, I bet you might just get it right.

We had a boys night out and stayed up a little too late one night with a case of the dad-induced giggles.

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