That's Life

That's Life

I am loved by many. And I am loved by no one. I am known by so many, and yet no person really knows me at all. The proof is the empty pillow next to mine.

It's a right of passage, isn't it? Slamming your fingers in car doors when you're a kid?

I bit my kid’s head off for no real reason today. Like a shark in the water, I made him my prey. I raised my brow and my voice to...

"Dan, I don't have a single real friend. Not one. Nobody." How to even respond has always escaped me. Until now.

Remember my blog post about almost dying a couple days ago? Well, I promised you all the funnier side of that story, so here it is.

Yesterday was the first time in my life I can remember knowing that I was about to die. I had no control over my thoughts in that moment, and what I thought rocked me to the core.

It’s Noah’s birthday. He turns five today, and as I contemplate just how awesome a human being he is, I can’t help but think I should do something to honor this kid who completes me.

Our big night. Dancing with the Stars. Ripping her skirt off had become effortless in practice. But not so much in the performance itself. And in the end, we could do nothing but laugh.

Let's see... where did  I last leave you in the final moments of Noah becoming a big brother... Oh, yes. Andrea was dilated to...

4:15 AM. Mmrmrggrmgh. My phone was ringing. You should have seen Noah's face when he found out the baby was on its way.

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