That's Life

That's Life

The mountain is now at the mercy of the winds until morning. Pilots can't fight the fires at night, which means no more retardant until morning...

The Alpine Mountains caught fire today and have been racing toward my parents' home ever since. I caught these photos before we were evacuated.

Noah and I are due for some "just us boys" time.

Oh... my... goodness. Do I have a tale to tell you all.

This is a post I remember starting but not writing. It was written in a valley of depression. And while it's not upbeat, I hope we can all talk about it today.

The kid gets nervous in front of large crowds and lives up to his name, Mr. Facial Expression. And dad gets camera happy.

That moment when you realize she doesn’t want you because the risk of you hurting her outweighs any good part of you...

While having a blast with my kid on the swings, he started yelling "Oooh! Badendas! Badendas!" What he was really saying would give me a stomach ache for a week.

My son and I sat down with some grub, made a list of everything we'd do during the summer, and then pinky promised that we'd do it all. And it was a big list.

I’m 32 now. I’ve arrived at the front brim of middle-age, and as the seconds tick on, I have been forced to ponder a few things about life.

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