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It Seems the World’s Been Waiting for the Bed My Dad Invented

It's surreal to watch your own dad chase his dream for decades, lose almost everything repeatedly, and finally achieve insane success. His Purple mattress is taking the world by storm, and I couldn't be prouder.

The Aging Giant Who Weighed 1/8th of a Ton

Not a whole lot of people can say they know what it's like to look over the tops of trees or weigh-in at a fraction of a ton. But people like that do exist, and I'm living proof.

30 Of the Most Amazing Images from Electron Microscopes

When things are magnified up to 10,000,000x, they either get really fascinating or really terrifying. These are some of the most amazing things seen under electron microscopes.

Tomorrow is Valentines Day, and I’m Single. Again…

Tomorrow is Valentines Day. I'm single. Again. And you know what? I really don't understand people who complain about this holiday, and about spending money...

And Then I For Some Reason Didn’t Go to the ER…

CONTINUED FROM YESTERDAY - The pain hit me hard and fast and I knew I was in trouble, but instead of getting to the ER like a smart person, I did something stupid instead.

Pain. It’s not a contest. Or is it?

pain is not a contest
My last four days have been utter physical hell. I've posted a few humor-filled posts about it. In doing so, I've been reminded just how much of a contest pain actually is...

Strange Things Are Seen in the City

dan pearce night run
You all know I love sharing the weirdness I see in the city. This time what happened wasn't weirdness, as much as it was... I don't know... creepy weirdness?

I Was Supposed to Be In That Car

Should Have Been in That Car
Ever since yesterday I have been really weirded out by one thought... I was supposed to be in that car.

The Yellowstone Bears

Dum dum or not, I got some very cool pictures of this and another wild bear close up on a recent trip to Yellowstone...

The 12 Weirdest & Coolest Things I’ve Seen on Amazon

The Coolest and Weirdest Products on Amazon
I've kept a list of the weirdest and coolest things I've found on Amazon. These are my top 12. And I plead the fifth as to whether I've bought some of these.

Interpret *This* Weird Dream, Please

This was a *really* weird dream I had last night, and I'm so curious what your interpretation is of it.

#FindMyself60 Challenge – Day 50

I'm 50 days into my 60 day "Find Myself" challenge. Today I woke up and had an awesome victory. Now to finish off this challenge strong...

A Long Overdue Break

Friends, LIFE IS GOOD. I am also tapped out, wiped out, and strung out. The new app, the book, the new website, and all the rest of life. So, I'm signing off for a bit...

12 Amazingly Weird Stock Photos I Accidentally Came Across

I've been collecting the ridiculous(ly awesome) stock photos I've accidentally come across. Because... if I get to laugh this much, it's only fair you do, too.

Time to Pull the Twitter Plug

Just a quick note to let any of you who follow me on Twitter know that I am officially deactivating my Twitter account.

An Entire Year… And Not Even Once.

Today marks a big one year milestone for me, and as impossible as it seems, something that should have happened often hasn't happened even once...

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The Ten Rules of the Divorce Club

There is a club that very few people make it into, and it's called the Divorce Club. But to get in, you have to follow these ten (tongue-in-cheek) rules...

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Epic People Watching – The Old Couple’s Make-Out Gauntlet

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