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To Go with Yesterday’s Creepy Post

I have been sent this by multiple people. It's a Facebook ad that's been making the rounds, featuring an illustration of a father/son who look way too familiar.

Congealed Oatmeal (for the Day)

This year I'm trying something new to be a lot more like Superman and a lot less like a blob of congealed oatmeal every day. And it's working!

24 NEW Elf On The Shelf Ideas You Haven’t Seen on Pinterest!

I gotta say... My brother is the MASTER of new and original Elf on the Shelf ideas, and this year he has agreed to share his new creations with you again!

How Google Sucked Me In This Week: 15 MORE Unbelievable Pics

Well, last week. Haha. Here is the other half of those unbelievable & amazing photos I got sucked into perusing instead of writing a post for SDL.

How Google Sucked Me In This Week: 16 Unbelievable Photos

Once again, Google combined forces with my ADD and instead of writing a blog, I got lost in the depths of the internet. This time: unbelievable & amazing photos.

My 10 “Rules” to Break in order to Break Free Already!

I made this list with a friend, full of ridiculous or crazy "rules" she could break to bust free of her fear of being judged for having fun or being human...

Strange Things Are Seen in the City (Vol. 3)

It started with Snow White freaking out on us. It turned into the weirdest freak show I've ever seen, followed by my son making me promise to join in next time...

Another Letter to Men: The Lesson of the Cold Purple Sausage

Few men experience what it's like for women when it comes to having long hair. I now have. And I learned things that might change the way you view it forever.

6 Dirty, Dirty Habits Way Too Many People Around You Have

After sorting through thousands of weird confessions, it seems nearly the entire human population shares some of these most bizarre and dirty secrets...

R.I.P. Old Friend. You Deserved a Better End.

One of my oldest, worn-down friends deserves a lot more than being tossed into the toilet like common waste... So today I give the memorial such a lid deserves.

Strange Things Are Seen In the City – Vol. 2

I love living in the city. Last week, just after Noah had finally gone to sleep after a restless night, what shows up outside my window? A helicopter of course.

My Year of Morbid & Hilarious Thoughts & Daydreams

A year ago (after watching Walter Mitty) I began noting down my own weirdest, most morbid, and hilarious thoughts during my most random and boring moments...

“Dum, dee, dee. I’m gonna start a blog.”

Five years ago today, a much blonder, more lanky, less bearded, sadder, confused, trapped man sat down and said, “Dum, dee, dee. I’m gonna start a blog...”

I’ve Been the Donkey with a Carrot in Front of My Nose

It's time I admit something... for the past year, I have been the donkey with a carrot in front of my nose. It's time I realize that and make the right choice.

“Come on, Dan. What’s Up With The Long Hair?”

It's really unimportant, but okay. These are the probably very unexpected reasons this clean-cut blonde man you knew has drastically changed the way he looks...

Our SDLHC Tough Mudder (Yes, Another One!) in Pictures

I won't be blogging about the entire Tough Mudder that just took place. Instead, I'm going to share these powerful and incredible photos that came out of it...

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30 All-New & Anonymous Workplace Confessions

What happens when you give thousands of strangers a forum to confess all the scandalous, naughty, and eyebrow-raising things they've done at work? You get this.

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Your Tinder account is boring. Here are 9 ways to fix...

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