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How Google Sucked Me In This Week – The Youngest Parents Ever

Google sucked me in again! This time learning who the youngest parents ever were. My guess was 9 for youngest dad and 10 for youngest mother. I was definitely wrong.

Tired of Running

Maybe it's age. Maybe it's knowing the truth. Maybe it's just being tired of missing so much of life trying to be something for whom exactly? I don't know. I just know I'm tired of running.

Hi. I’m Fat.

I wasn't sure how I got there. I only know that I was standing in front of a room full of fat people who were angrily debating whether or not I was fat. And then they started to chase me.

And Then I Found “It”

I promise you. Very few people on earth deserve to find (and experience) what I did...

Five Best (and Five Worst) Frozen Candies

The debate has gone on long enough, so here are the indisputable five best (and five worst) candies served frozen.

26 Unsung Heroes You’ve Probably Never Heard About

Heroes come in every shape and size. Their acts can be as simple as helping an animal or as great as giving one's own life for another. These are your stories (and one of mine).

50 More Random Facts I Didn’t Know That I Didn’t Know

I thought I knew everything. But... apparently I don't. Check out all these NEW fun facts I've accidentally learned over the past couple months.

The 21 BEST Feelings in the World

From kicking off your shoes after a long day, to babies falling asleep on you, to paying off that last loan payment, these are the 21 BEST feelings in the world.

You Shall Now Be Entertained With the Stupidest Things Ever

So, yesterday Instagram introduced Instagram video. And... You shall now all be entertained with the stupidest things ever. Such as my first two Instagram videos

How the Truth Box is Messing Me Up

Truth Box
I have struggled with an occasional onslaught of unhealthy thoughts the past few months in my relationship that has otherwise been beautiful. Finally, I realized why.

18 Overly Strange Phobias (And MY Way of Dealing With Them)

People have really strange fears. Here are 18 of the weirdest, strangest, and funniest phobias I have come across, along with my advice for dealing with them.

Big Company, Small Gesture, Huge Kudos

Last week I told you that Brian, a guy I knew, had died in a motorcycle accident. Well, the company he worked for made it a point to honor him, as I saw while driving on the freeway.

The Farmer’s Daughter & the Age that Divides Us

The Farmer's Daughter and I got to thinking about our age difference. And then our thinking got weirder, and weirder, with more photos, and more facts, and more weirdness...

Walking the Thin Blogging Line

There is this line I have to walk most of the time. It’s very thin. Long. Overly fragile. Usually I'm walking it head high, confident, happy. But, every so often...

Once Upon a Time, I Was a Wee Bit Fatter

These 22 photos are from a time I was fatter. And blonder. And balder. And harrier. And still just as awesome as I am (or am not) now. Haha.

Finding Out a Friend Was Never a Friend at All

So, last week (via this text) I found out a friend, unfortunately, was probably never really a friend at all. Oh the joys of being a blogger.

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I’m kiiiiinda freakin’ out here.

I'm kiiiiinda freakin' out here. And I need someone to pat me on the back, give me a hug, and tell me it's all gonna be okay.

Perfectly Synced

Tiny Purple Toes

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