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My Broken Wrist and My Mom’s Huge Regret

This is the story of the time I had my wrist broken, how my mom made one big mistake, and how that has caused her a life of (what I consider) silly regret about it.

My Ass. Stuck. To a Log in the Woods.

I once got my bare ass stuck to a log in the woods. Literally. I couldn't pry myself off. And I learned some things from that experience...

The Unfortunate Nipple Incident

This is the very unfortunate story of the time I accidentally got my nipple ripped off at Scout camp, how it made me a celebrity, and what I learned from all of it.

Sweat, Blood, and Smears

You all shared your most embarrassing stories. This is one of mine... The time they organized a giant search party for me after I pooped my pants on a Boy Scout hike.

I Don’t Care How Much You Love Your Dog…

I’m telling you right now, I don’t care how much you love your dog, there are some things you don't want right in your face. Ever. Or maybe you do, weirdo.

“Lick It” My Bullies Then. My Bullies Now.

This is one account from my hundreds of experiences being severely bullied. And also how I happened upon my bullies so many years later, when we were all adults.

The Two-Mile Walk of Shame

This. *This* is an example one of the something that can really mess-up your kid. It certainly messed me up. But I also learned some very valuable lessons.

I Would Never Do That

We’re going to talk about this whether it’s awkward or not...

Awkward First Love

Once upon a time, I fell in love for the very first time. This girl was something else. But... I had a bit of a giant problem that messed it all up.

“Don’t Do This. It’s Bad.”

This is the story of the time my dad gave me and my brother our first "sex talk," and how we learned something *very* different than he was trying to tell us...

Escaping Death

I almost died as a child. It happened before my memories started, and the stories were told so often they became real. But that doesn't do me much good when it comes to learning lessons, does it...
Working on my Not to Do List This Week

Working On My NOT To-Do List This Week

When I get into a lull or a rut, and when nothing on my to-do lists is getting done, there is one tool I use that works wonders. I call it my "NOT to-do" list.
This is the Truth Box

This is the Truth Box – Week 40

Remember. We're all fighting our own great battles. These are the secrets you've never told anyone. And what everyone else believes is the truth. All new.

My Pizza in China Had Moving Toppings – Also My Most...

This is the short video from when I went to China and ordered pizza, and the top was moving when it came out. It's also the story of how this was the most disliked thing I've ever shared.
Woody and Chucky the Woodchucks

How Much Wood Could Chucky & Woody the Woodchucks Chuck?

Whew. It took me three full days to write and memorize this whole thing, and then only about 80 or so takes to get it (close to) flawless. So now the questions is... Can you keep up?

When Karma Made Me Pay $51 to My Kid For Trying...

This is the story of how I just tried to dupe my kid in the name of teaching him a valuable lesson, and instead karma got me good. Karma got me $51 good...

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My 10 “Rules” to Break in order to Break Free Already!

I made this list with a friend, full of ridiculous or crazy "rules" she could break to bust free of her fear of being judged for having fun or being human...

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“Get in this! Get in this!” The Dive-Bar Selfie Experiment

I decided to do a little experiment: attempt to get a selfie with EVERY person at our favorite dive-bar. I didn't expect what happened next to happen at all...

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