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Grandmas Say the Darndest Things!

Time for another installment of "Grandmas Say the Darndest Things!"Back in November I asked my Facebook followers to share the funniest thing they'd ever heard an old person say. These posts are a compilation of those responses. As a word of warning, I've tried to keep this post as clean as possible, but there are a lot of things said by "old" people that might be a little "off-color." Like I said last time, if that will offend you, come back tomorrow! As for me, there aren't a lot of things I find funnier.If you missed the first one, you can read it here. It was filled with all sorts of awesomeness."He could screw up a two car parade." My grandfather was known to order movie tickets with the phrase "one adult and one adulteress" My grandmother-in-law once told her doctor she is allergic to cocaine. Turns out she meant codeine. My grandma used to put the car on cruise control going 85 on the freeway...

100 Definitions of Impossible

If I had to choose what I thought was the single most powerful word in the English language, I think it would be the word "impossible".It's a word that has the power to stop individuals in their tracks or entire armies in their pursuits. It's a word that has stopped some of the greatest dreams from coming true, and also some of the most damaging ones. The word "impossible" has been used in every arena of life, and few there are that aren't constantly sucked into it's overpowering charisma.It has stopped countless athletes, scientists, scholars, engineers, and inventors from accomplishing spectacular things. Students, public servants, and those with voices have failed to progress or to achieve what could have been. It has halted emergency crews from continuing treatments and rescue workers from continuing their missions.There is literally no person on earth who hasn't been seriously effected by the word "impossible", for better, or worse. And there isn't a person...

Old people say the wisest things

A few weeks ago, I put together a post from your Facebook comments called, Grandmas say the darndest things. It was a lot of fun, and I'll definitely be putting together more of them in the future. On Monday I asked a different question. "What's the wisest piece of advice you've ever gotten from an old person?" More than 600 of you replied with something awesome.Unfortunately, I can only use so many of them today. But, just like the other post, if you like this one I have plenty of content for future editions as well.With that, enjoy the first edition of Grandparents say the wisest things, at least 3,000 years in the making."Sometimes you have to whisper in order to be heard." "Bring children up the way they are bent." About worrying: "Don't cry over tears that haven't even started to form." "Don't wait until you are 50 to wear red with purple." "Never ask a question you're not ready to hear the...

Grandmas say the darndest things

As a word of warning, I've tried to keep this post as clean as possible, but there are a lot of things said by "old" people that might be a little "off-color". If that will offend you, come back tomorrow! As for me, there aren't a lot of things I find funnier.But what does it mean to be old? I suppose it's a definition that slides further away as the seconds of our lives turn into years and then into decades. I know some twenty-year-olds who think I'm a dinosaur. I also know some seventy-somethings that love to point out the generation above them who are still kickin' it and hittin' it. I will say this... the older I get, the more I believe in the common sentiment "you're only as old as you feel".A couple days ago, I posted a simple question on the SDL Facebook page that asked, "what is the funniest thing you've ever heard an...

The many awesomnesses of Halloween

Halloween. It's a peculiar day at best. Probably the funniest, weirdest, craziest, most exciting days of the year here in America. I'll be honest. I love Halloween.It's a day where everything normal and sane is thrown out the window. It's a day we can pretend our children are giant crayons.It's a day we can dress ourselves and our kids up as the evil things that on the other 364 days of the year we denounce as dark or wrong. But, on Halloween it's just plain old awesome and cute.It's the one day every year where we teach our kids that it's okay to take candy from strangers.It's the only day of the year that we don't care if other people call us a nerd.Or even a cow.It's the one day of the year we can put our baby inside of a giant squash and feel okay about it.It's a day where we can go for totally bizarre. We can...

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