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The Dating Website Dictionary

Translating people's profiles on dating websites is always easier said than done. Don't worry, this guide will get you through it as painlessly as possible.

Relationship Advice from a Teenager

Apparently, I've been doing just about everything wrong when it comes to dating, love, and life. After listening to two teenagers, I now have all the answers.

Is Facebook Hurting or Helping Your Love Life?

Does Facebook Hurt Relationships?
There is no doubt that love, marriage, dating, and relationships are affected by Facebook. The question is, how much?

No Second Date For You!

ALL NEW! What is the most odd, funny, horrifying, or weird thing you've discovered about someone you were on a date with? I asked, you answered.

When Every Relationship I’ve Ever Had Has Failed

While contemplating (throwing myself a pity party) why ever relationship I've had has failed, I realized one great and comforting truth about it all.

My Mind Has Officially Been Blown

My friend invited me to the spa for a girl's day. It wasn't my first rodeo with a mani/pedi, but what they brought out next would blow my mind.

“I’m Broken,” Says She

This is a poem I wrote after a dear friend of mine told me, "I'm sorry. I'm broken."

Kelsey’s Story

You've heard my story now about being rescued from the top of the mountain. Today I want to share Kelsey's story and what she experienced on that mountaintop.

That Moment When…

That moment when you realize she doesn’t want you because the risk of you hurting her outweighs any good part of you...

No Second Date For You!

What is the most odd, funny, horrifying, or weird thing you've discovered about someone you were on a date with? I asked, you answered.

Dating, Being Fat, and Being Honest

After really intense responses on my "Dating Website Misrepresentation" post, I figured a serious discussion about dating, honesty, and being fat couldn't hurt.

Dating Website Misrepresentation

The first date I went on after joining a dating website started off with a big lie. She was great besides that, but it didn't matter. It ruined it for me.

Because Sometimes It’s Just Fun to Have Fun…

Don't look for an explanation. You won't find one.

Looking for a Seriously Goofy Woman

In an effort to find a seriously goofy woman, I wrote the following poem to use on my dating website profile...

When You Date a Single Parent and You Wanna Make ‘Em Swoon

So, you wanna know the way to the heart of a single parent? We don't ask for much. Just follow the advice is this short and funny poem.

The Details of Our Breakup

Yesterday, I briefly mentioned that things hadn't worked out with Brandy Girl. What was the deal? Why did it end? Who broke it off? Why so soon? All good questions.

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Sorry, You Missed Your Chance.

I bumped into an old friend from my earlier years, and she said to me, “I should have fallen for you in high school!” Yeah right. Sorry. You missed your chance.

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