The Dating Life

Time vs. the Worthless Heart

A heavy and different look at my failed marriages, and the way time (and my race against it) played a giant role in them ending...

Celebrilicious: My favorite new party game

I was just at my sister's house for her birthday party, and we played a party game that I'd played once before but had totally forgotten about. I have no idea what it's called or if it even has a name, so I'm just going to call it Celebrilicious. Even if it does have a name, Celebrilicious is just sexy and I guarantee it's better than anything else it's ever been called.Anyways, next time you're throwing a party, or just having a get-together, play this game, damn it. (Please note the use of the term damn it, to imply how serious I am.) You'll be laughing so hard your faces will fall off.CELEBRILICIOUS1. Each person writes the name of a well known Celebrity, public figure, famous person, whatever, on 3-6 different slips of paper (the more people there are, the less slips of paper you use). Just make sure the names are people that almost everybody will know. Fold...

Remind me never to date a girl from South Dakota

Today we'll go funny funny since yesterday was more of a lame show-off cute dad day. I won't lie to you. I'm a *bit* bothered by something. Why has nobody from South Dakota ever...

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When Everything Went White

It was supposed to be a super low-key night. Then I came to, my face pressed on the floor next to a public toilet, staring into the eyes of my panicked friends.

Our Special Tree

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Epic People Watching – The Old Couple’s Make-Out Gauntlet

The old man must have been 85. At least. His wife, not far behind him in years. And I watched as they blocked an aisle of the grocery store and had a little fun every time someone passed.

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