The natural salesman

Why is it that people are often scared of salesmen (let's be honest, nobody is scared of a saleswoman, though in my experience they should be very scared). Having done extensive research and training (and selling) in my past on this subject, I can tell you very easily what the answer to this question is. People are scared of salesmen because they don't want to be manipulated, lied to, or committed into doing something they don't really want to do.The funny thing is, people don't realize that kids just as sophisticated and talented in their sales techniques as the best of the best in the sales world. They are masters of the preemptive close. They have charm at the perfect moments. They brush aside your refusals and keep asking for the sale until you relent. Kids are kind of scary, and Noah is no exception."Daddy, can I have some peanut butter M&Ms?" No. ""Daddy, can I have some peanut...

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