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The Mexican Kids in the Trash Pile

Once upon a time I *tried* to go out and be a Mormon missionary in Mexico. While out, I came upon a giant trash heap with homeless children struggling for survival, and I learned a tough lesson in humanity that day.

My Punch Drunk Sister

This is the story and lessons learned from when my non-drinking sister got drunk on cough syrup and caused me a little undue grief.

Ratted-Out By My Child

Once upon a time, one of the big television networks was sizing me up for a project. Which put me into panic mode. Which made me do something stupid. Which my son ratted-me out for...

Driving Around Town Breaking Windows

In my youth, while driving around town in a car full of teenage boys who thought it'd be fun to break the windows of random cars, I learned valuable lessons about the difference between defiance and rebellion...

The Glorious Spot in My Jeans…

This is the story of my very first sexual experience, the awkward situation that immediately followed, and the weird life lessons I learned in all of it.

The Missing Shoes

And now... The short and ridiculous story of my missing shoes, along with how I brought our entire travel party to a halt in my panic upon realizing they were gone.


Shortly after leaving home as a teenager, I fell in love with this insanely beautiful girl who was perfect in just about every way. There was just one tiny (okay, really big) problem...


At a time when I was desperate to be accepted and loved, I learned the hard way that there is definitely a wrong way to go in for a first kiss, and a wrong way to deal with rejection when it happens...

The Fish Tank Incident

Confession. I did something terrible, and instead of owning it, I decided to keep it a secret. But, as they always seem to do, eventually that secret came to light...

Once Upon a Time, I Was The Best Damn Tuba Player

Here's something you didn't know about me. Once upon a time, I was a really damn good tuba player. The best, even. But I threw it all away because... Teenagering is tough.

An Awesomely Pointless List of My Random Thoughts

Ever since my kid has been big enough to tie quintuple-knots in my shoelaces, I’ve kept a list of my casual observations of life and the people in it. This is the first half of that list.

Burning Down My Parents’ Basement – Well, Almost

It was me. I was responsible for burning down my parents' basement. Well, almost. This is the story, and what I learned about parenting from it...

My Broken Wrist and My Mom’s Huge Regret

This is the story of the time I had my wrist broken, how my mom made one big mistake, and how that has caused her a life of (what I consider) silly regret about it.

My Ass. Stuck. To a Log in the Woods.

I once got my bare ass stuck to a log in the woods. Literally. I couldn't pry myself off. And I learned some things from that experience...

The Unfortunate Nipple Incident

This is the very unfortunate story of the time I accidentally got my nipple ripped off at Scout camp, how it made me a celebrity, and what I learned from all of it.

Sweat, Blood, and Smears

You all shared your most embarrassing stories. This is one of mine... The time they organized a giant search party for me after I pooped my pants on a Boy Scout hike.

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