The Farmer's Daughter

Bedtime with the Farmer’s Daughter

When it comes to bedtime with your significant other, I honestly want to know. Is what the Farmer's Daughter and I do an anomaly? Are we crazy? Or are we perfectly normal?

Broken Down and Breaking Up

This is life for us right now, unfortunately. And I suppose that being a parent means sometimes letting your own heart break so that your child's heart can heal.

The Next Big Step with The Farmer’s Daughter

It is time to take that next big step with the Farmer's Daughter, and that's exactly what we're doing. Even if it goes against everything I grew up being taught was right.

Because Sometimes It’s Just Fun to Have Fun

We couldn't let that box of wigs the Farmer's Daughter and I found sit around unused for too long. So, we decided to have a little more fun!

Traveling & Bickering

Hahaha. I had a little too much fun with the bickering effect that vacations and traveling often have on couples. Based on a true story.

Fifty Cents for a Swear

We have probably been swearing a little too much lately so we started a swear jar that we put money into. But the real punishment isn't the money. It's what the loser has to do with the money.

Going Somewhere With No Place to Go

Being way overdue for some away time together, the Farmer's Daughter and I decided to go on a little trip of our own.The thing is, we're leaving today (on a jet plane), and we have no idea where we're going yet.

Jonathan Marcus: Dreamer & Dance Teacher

Last weekend, the Farmer's Daughter and I dug an old box of wigs out of my garage and we ended up making... Ummm... This... Video... You're welcome and we're sorry in advance.

The Farmer’s Daughter & the Blogger’s Son

As a single dad, it has always been scary beyond scary to introduce anyone I'm dating to my child. His heart is my heart and my heartbreak is going to be his. Today I look at how it has all played out with the woman I love.

The Farmer’s Daughter & the Age that Divides Us

The Farmer's Daughter and I got to thinking about our age difference. And then our thinking got weirder, and weirder, with more photos, and more facts, and more weirdness...

The “That Ain’t South America” Name That Spot Contest

When the Farmer's Daughter and I got a leeeeeetle bit tipsy, we looked at this spot and decided what it looked like. But... we were drunk. So, what does it look like?

Is the Farmer’s Daughter Pregnant?!

On Sunday I posted this photo which got the rumors going that the Farmer's Daughter is more than just a little pregnant. So, here's the truth...

The Farmer’s Daughter & Her Pigs

Many of you have asked why I call her the Farmer's Daughter. I think this photo from her teenage years just about says it all.

Our Little Ghost Problem

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction, and after factoring everything else out, I think we may have ourselves a little ghost problem.

The Harsh & Hurtful Reality of Being Bisexual

I'm a man. I've recently fallen in love with a really beautiful woman. I'm bisexual. And this is my harsh and hurtful reality that goes along with that.

How to Be the Best Boyfriend EVER

My girlfriend tagged me as the best boyfriend ever. I felt special until I saw that there were hundreds of thousands of others. Including *these* special ones.

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