The Happiness Dynamic Series

Why are the People You Love Telling Me their Secrets Instead of You

Why are the people you love telling me their secrets and why are they not telling them to you? Why do they feel comfortable and safe telling me, and not you?

The Phenomenon of “Fearful Sharing”

How does it happen that something spreads like wildfire yet few people seem to be sharing it anywhere public? And even more importantly, what does it say about the message?

Your Happiness Ain’t My Happiness – The Happiness Equation

Happiness comes to us in many forms, and nothing will assure unhappiness as quickly as when you or I try to force other people into our own idea of what happiness is.

I Met Someone…

You know how when you meet someone really special, you just know that they’re going to be around for a while? Well, I kind of just know that Brandy Girl is gonna be around for a while.

Happiness will have to wait

Sometimes happiness has to go on the back burner for other things. Like little orange fuzzy guys with big yellow mustaches.

Wanna Lower the Divorce Rate? Here’s an Idea…

The divorce rate is alarming to say the least. But what if there was something we could do to turn it around? What if we look at the cause of the problems instead of the problems themselves?

The 6 Words People Making Huge Life Choices Need You to Say

Is it possible that even when our intentions are good, we're severely handicapping the people we love when they're making big decisions because we won't say these six words to them?

When Something I Write Brings Heavy Consequences

“Dan, I wanted to write and tell you that my wife read your post and decided she wants a divorce. Thanks a lot.” This was an email I received one day after writing, Whose Life is it Anyway.

Does Happiness Come from Within? I’m Not So Sure.

Happiness. It seems so cliché to say that it comes from within. And so I have to wonder, do I really believe that? Or is happiness just a little more complicated than that? In a beautiful way...

Are You the Common Denominator for Unhappiness?

How many times does your life have to fall apart before you realize that you're the common denominator in all of it? And why is that such a dang beautiful thing?

The Happiness Dynamic – A 10 Day Project

In the aftermath of my post "Whose Life is it Anyway," I realized that there were many other dynamics that still need discussion. Here is a list of what's to come.

Whose Life is it Anyway?

What if the answer isn't that you should find a way to be happy in the life you have? What if the answer is to take the very steps that everybody else thinks are stupid, weak, or wrong?

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