Hans Gassner posiert am Samstag, 29. April 2006, in Hesel im bei der Internationalen Deutschen Meisterschaft der Baerte, ausgeschrieben vom Bart- und Schnauzerclub Hesel Ostfriesland e.V.. Rund 100 Barttraeger aus acht Laendern kaempfen um den Meistertitel in 16 Bartkategorien. (AP Photo / Kai-Uwe Knoth) –German Hans Gassner poses during the International German Beard and Moustache Championships in Hesel, northern Germany, on Saturday, April 29, 2006. Around 100 competitors from eight nations try to become world champion in one of 16 beard and moustache categories. (AP Photo/Kai-Uwe Knoth)

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Noah’s Quotable Quotes

For the past couple months I’ve been jotting down some of Noah’s more memorable quotes. And by memorable, I mean they had me ROFLSHMBE. Here they are for your enjoyment. I know I enjoyed them!

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