A soldier’s child

What is with me lately? It hasn’t taken much to turn on my facial faucets and keep ’em going at full blast. Please watch this video. It’s ten minutes long, and so worth your time. Even as I sit and type this I am trying to hold back the emotion that has now stained my shirt through three viewings.

Let us never forget. It doesn’t matter whether you are for or against war. It doesn’t matter what political views you harbor. It doesn’t matter who you hold accountable for the ongoing bloodshed and terror in this world. The domestic truth of war, the one sitting right here on our front steps, is that there are hundreds of thousands of children hurting right now. Sons and daughters who don’t have their daddies tucking them in at night. Who’s moms are off fighting a winless battle across oceans and continents. Kids who don’t know when and if they’ll ever see their uniformed parent again.

And for every x number of happy reunions that finally do happen, there is a video that was never taken when a child finds out his daddy or mommy is coming home in a box. And that is what really breaks me.

Please, if this video touched you the way it touched me, do not hesitate. Share this page on facebook and twitter and anywhere else. Spread the happiness that comes from watching as a shattered child’s world is suddenly put back together. Let others experience the moment when a broken heart becomes right again in the eyes of a child. And then go hug your kids for awhile because some parents don’t get to today.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Crying