Dress Code Custom Suits – Worth the Hype?

dress-code-measurementThere’s a fairly new company who has been making a big splash lately, selling custom made suits for only a fraction of what you’d usually pay at a retail store.

Their name is Dress Code, and late last year, they approached me about putting their custom suits (and their custom services) to the test.

I was hesitant, at best. Suits really aren’t my thing. I mean, I’m a blogger. My best work is done in sweat pants. But they were persistent, and eventually I agreed to meet.

But before I tell you about them, let me tell you about the last suit I bought. It was a Calvin Klein suit from Men’s Warehouse, price tag $600.00. I went in and they took a handful of measurements and delivered me a fairly nice suit a couple weeks later.

The very night I took it home, I had a meeting that I needed to wear it for. I wore suits a lot more back then. Anyway, during the meeting, I sat down in a chair with long arms. One of the arms caught the inside of my pocket and caused a nice 5″ rip down the side of it. Men’s Warehouse didn’t care. It was my fault, my job to fix it. Thankfully my mom is a master seamstress.

And so, you can imagine how much faith I had in what a custom suit being sold for three or four hundred dollars could do for me. There was no way it could be as good as what I paid twice as much for at Men’s Warehouse, could it. Yes, it could. And by a long shot. In fact, the quality of suits being offered by Dress Code are equal to what one might find for $1000 or more elsewhere.

So how do they do it? Simple. They eliminate the store front and work with tailors worldwide to bring you all the quality while leaving your hard earned bucks in your wallet.

They came to my house, and that’s what they’ll do for you too. Go to your house. Or your workplace. And they’ll measure you.

I’m not talking about the quick type of suit measurements, I’m talking custom measurements for every part of your body. They’re goal is to give you a nicer suit than you can get for three times the price, and to make you look even better.

They delivered.

After multiple trips for measuring and fittings, and lots of back and forth because I’m high maintenance like that, my suits (and my custom fit shirts) were delivered. I think the images speak for themselves. Whether I wear the suits as suits, or the coats with a nice pair of jeans, they made sure that it will work for me.






Now that it’s all over, I honestly have been finding reasons to wear my suits. They fit so beautifully (which is honestly a little weird-feeling until you get used to it). They move with me. They are high quality and extremely well-tailored. They make me look like a million bucks and make me feel like I am wearing a thousand.

And they sew in cool monograms for no additional fee…

Suit Detail 3

My only complaint was turn-around. After your measurements are taken, it takes a little more than six weeks to actually get the suits back, and then another week or so to fine-tune the tailoring. But other than those of you who need your new suit in a hurry, I literally have no reason not to suggest Dress Code to all of you.

You can find Dress Code’s website here. They currently have (or will have very soon), tailors in the following states:


I am now of the opinion that every man should have at least one custom suit. Whether it’s for work, or social events, or even church, the way you feel in something so tailored is incredible.

Worth it?
Quality is exceptional. The patterns they use are inspired. I haven’t seen anything anywhere else come close to these suits in price.
Turnaround to receive your new suits is at least a month and a half, so make sure to give yourself time!

I’d absolutely recommend. They bring professionalism and expertise to a whole new degree.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing