Embarrassing Lies – Truth Box is Open


We’ve all been reading The Truth Box posts for a few months now and I have thousands more to post. But I want to start mixing them up from time to time.

You know, bring a new flavor to it.

So, my question is, are you willing to admit to the world (completely anonymously) an embarrassing lie you’ve told someone that you can’t admit to this day for whatever reason.

This doesn’t collect your email, nor does it collect your IP Address. There is literally no way for me to tie it to you. Just two lines. The lie. And the truth.

These can be stupid lies. Funny lies. Ridiculous lies. Serious lies. Anything really.

Like the time I accidentally put a bunk board beam through my brother’s 100 gallon aquarium. I didn’t confess it for like 12 years! You know, something like that. Or something completely different. But something that you haven’t confessed to the person you lied to. The form is below.

The embarrassing lie I told someone
(that I can't bring myself to confess):

The truth: