My Favorite Things Being Passed Around Facebook! (Tuesday)

    These are my favorite things I’ve seen around Facebook today! Easily tap/share your favorites from the batch below to Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest!


    TAP AND SHARE ANY IMAGE! (Click for Steps)
    • STEP ONE: Find an image you like and want to share!

      That’s the easy part. Oh, wait. They’re all easy parts.

    • STEP TWO: Tap the image (or hover on desktop).

      The share buttons will appear at the bottom right side of every meme.

    • STEP THREE: Choose your social network.

      Choose which social platform you’d like to instantly share the image on.

      And that’s it! You can add text if you like. It’s easy peasy.

      NOTE: The first time you share an image you’ll need to grant permission for SumoMe to access your account. SumoMe is a well-known image sharing service used on many large sites, which I trust.

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      Facebook works on an algorithm based on what you like and share. If you always click “like” on the Single Dad Laughing link to these “Favorite Things” post (or share the posts), Facebook will show you them more often.

    • Get Facebook Notifications on new posts!

      ON MOBILE DEVICES: Go to the Single Dad Laughing Facebook page and tap the “Following” button. Set it to “See First.” Then tap More > Notifications > Get Notifications.

      ON DESKTOP COMPUTERS: Go to the Single Dad Laughing Facebook page and hover over the “Liked” button. Set it to “See First.” Then hover over the “Liked” button again and set it to “Get Notifications.”

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    Be sure to share your own amazing meme findings with me in the comments of the most recent Facebook “Favorite Things” post! I’ll pick my own faves out and share some of them here on SDL tomorrow.

    Tap here for FAQs & troubleshooting
    • I'm not seeing any share buttons. Is there something wrong?

      This is what the share buttons look like:

      share-buttonsThey appear at the bottom right of the meme when you hover over any meme (on desktop) or touch any image (on mobile). Sometimes on mobile, if the share buttons have already appeared, they won’t appear again until you tap elsewhere on the screen and then back on the specific meme. This is because with touch-screens, the “hover” action is difficult to replicate.

    • What is SumoMe?

      SumoMe is the service that lets you share each individual meme with a couple of taps.

    • Why do I have to give permission for it to access/control my Facebook wall and pages?

      This permission simply lets SumoMe post images to either your personal Facebook wall or to your pages when you want to share them. SumoMe is a reputable image sharing service used on many large sites such as The Chive.

    • What if I don't want to grant access to SumoMe?

      Don’t do anything you’re not comfortable with. You just won’t be able to automatically share any of these images on Facebook. Instead, try saving the image to your device and sharing it yourself. Easy peasy.