Hanxious | Definition of “Hanxious” by the DP Dictionary


[hangk-shuh s, hang-]


  1. A state of being both heavy-footed and anxious.
    I could tell from his steps just how hanxious he was, and so I assumed he was running late again.

Origin of hanxious

In my blog post over on The Dan Pearce Blog called, A Goddamn Firehose Betwixt His Hanxious Legs, I used the word hanxious to describe the tenant living above me who only walked heavy-footed and thumped hard across the floor when he was anxious over running late.


Hanxiety, noun
“Why are you stomping around like that?”
“Sorry, I’m having hanxiety at the moment. Have you seen my keys?”

Hanxiously, adverb
I approached the woman hanxiously, as I knew I had kept her waiting for some time.

Hanxiousness, noun
I struggle with hanxiousness. I am sure I drive my downstairs neighbors crazy when I’m running late.

The Dan Pearce Dictionary is an extremely unofficial grouping of words I feel like I make-up when I’m blogging or writing. You know… just in case you do a search for it you can figure out what I meant. I also recognize that I may not have been the first to use any of the words found here.  I also don’t care. This is all in good fun.


The definition of "hanxious"