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Running a blog & website the size of Single Dad Laughing is very expensive. The server costs alone are about ten thousand dollars per year to handle the load. In the past, that would be a quality problem since advertising could easily cover it.

Unfortunately, Ad Blocker plugins and smart phone layouts have made advertising worth very little on sites like Single Dad Laughing, and so I end up being less able to be a blogger & writer, and have to put so much effort elsewhere to cover it all.

I really want to write with consistency. I want to bring my blog back to the near-daily awesomeness it once was. I want my writing and other content to remain freely available to everyone. My hope is to never need to turn my blog into a subscription-only service or some absurd thing like that.

So, here’s me asking for your support. If you find value in Single Dad Laughing (or in all the daily awesomeness on my Facebook page), will you please donate at least a bit each month to help me cover the expenses? I’d be more grateful than I can accurately express. I can’t keep doing it without you.

Thanks, Dan Pearce (author of Single Dad Laughing)

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