Internet Fruitcakes #4: Cleaning the Cobra Pit

This is #4 of a new afternoon series where I post some of the more intriguing, interesting, funny, random, and downright awesome internet fruitcakes that make their way to my email inbox. You know… for the occasional afternoon pick-me-up where neither you, nor I, need to think too much. Today’s fruitcake was called “Cleaning the Cobra Pit,” and was sent to me by Gary. All it contained was a link…

All I have to say is, nobody here should be complaining about their job after watching this.

Enjoy, and here’s hoping that we all have a happy, sunny, warm, weekend free from severe weather.

I can’t imagine working around that many cobras striking at me or ready to strike at me. I can’t imagine being around one cobra ready to strike. If that were me in the video, a not-so-pleasant puddle would have been forming beneath me. I have a hard enough time picking up Garder Snakes. Yeesh.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS. Feel free to send me the best of your internet fruitcakes to the email at the top of the screen. We could all use a few more laughs to top out our work days!

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