Internet Fruitcakes: Photoshop Weirdness

This is #2 of a new afternoon series where I post some of the more intriguing, interesting, funny, random, and downright awesome internet fruitcakes that make their way to my email inbox. You know… for the occasional afternoon pick-me-up where neither you, nor I, need to think too much. Today’s fruitcake was called “Photoshopped Weirdness,” and was sent to me by Jessica (who knows what a sucker I am for Photoshop). Enjoy… with its cheesy, fruit-cakey subtitles and all!

You are what you eat… and this is why we don’t feed fruit to fish.
Go ahead… take a bite. Just don’t be mad when I bite back.
Whatever you do, do… not… blink.
I thought awesome mixed with awesome was supposed
to be even more awesome?!
I think this dog needs an asterisk by his name.
A bunkey.
Something tells me it would be no problem for the fisherman
to practice “catch and release.” Nobody likes a meowing fish.
This is why we don’t feed the critters, son.
Let’s split it. I’ll take the bottom half.
When the cutest ever and the cutest ever combine to make…
the cutest ever.
There’s only room for one big dog around here.
If a elephant and a rhino make an elephino, what do
an elephant and a seal make?
Nothing says I love you like a pretty flower…
Orange you glad I didn’t say frog?
There’s wrong… and then there’s worse than wrong.
Explain to me what your problem is and
why you won’t eat my fruit…
You gotta get me outta here.
Eet more chikin’.
Man’s new best friend.
Polly want a bone?
At least give him some water in the moat!
Laugh it up! Everybody loves picking on elephants.
One touch can kill you. So can one look.
Crabs. Hippos. What’s not endearing about that?
There’s a reason why horsefly bites hurt so much.
Honey, invite the whole county over. I’m making rabbit stew.
I feel like there are so many layers to my husband.
Sweet as can be, but not the brightest little guy.
I’m trying to figure out just how this
picture has been altered.
Where exactly is the pork chop located?
There’s nothing funny about these clowns.
My advice. Go inside until it’s gone.
Ummm… no.
I can’t eat that! It’ll give me cankers!
This watermelon has some real bite to it.

Which photoshopped pics were your favorites? Have you seen this fruitcake passed around before? I think my favorite had to be the tiger squirrel and the monkey dog. Both creepy. Both awesome.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS. Feel free to send me the best of your internet fruitcakes to the email at the top of the screen. Also, if you’ve missed some of Noah’s and my awesome Photoshopping, you can check them out here:

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Disclaimer: these photos were all included in an email I got that has been being passed around the internet. If you are the owner of any of them and want credit or want them removed, email me and I’ll be happy to do so.