Internet Fruitcakes: Snake Noodling

This is #5 of a new afternoon series where I post some of the more intriguing, interesting, funny, random, and downright awesome internet fruitcakes that make their way to my email inbox. You know… for the occasional afternoon pick-me-up where neither you, nor I, need to think too much. Today’s fruitcake was sent to me by my mom and was called “Snake Noodling: What Real Men Do.” Thanks mom.

Enjoy… with its cheesy, fruit-cakey dialogue and all!


Python catchers in Africa …

The opportunities just keep on coming for part-time work…… just 2 days a week!!

I’m “the puller”, but if you’re interested, the position of “hole-guy” is open.

First, we wrap our arm in a skin for protection.

Then we find a big damned hole and “hole-guy” crawls in.

We use modern lighting.

There it is.

Those must be eggs…

I let it take my protected arm. Sort of like noodling for fish.

Then my buddy pulls me out with snake attached.

Ain’t it a beaut?

It’ll feed the village for a while.

And you think your work is tough?

Maybe standing in line at the grocery store isn’t as bad as it seems…



Isn’t that wild? Have you seen this internet fruitcake passed around before? I think the picture that made me wince/smile the most was the feet hanging out the end of the hole. I’m seriously claustrophobic and that looked way scarier than the snake part of it to me!

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS. Feel free to send me the best of your internet fruitcakes to blog [at] danoah [dot] com. We could all use a little more laughing!