Men Who Lack Supervision

Time for another post in our series where I share some of the more intriguing, interesting, funny, random, and downright awesome internet fruitcakes that make their way to my email inbox. You know… for the occasional afternoon pick-me-up where neither you, nor I, need to think too much.

Today’s fruitcake was also sent to me by my friend Gary and was called Men Who Lack Supervision.

Enjoy… there were no words in this email. Just horrifically awesome photos.

And dare I admit that I saw some of these and thought, what a great idea!

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS. Feel free to send me your favorite email pass-arounds. If they’re awesome enough, I may just include one in a future “Internet Fruitcake” post! Forward it to blog [at] danoah dot com.