My Maui Jim Sunglasses

A while back, my new friend Siobahn from Maui Jim sent me a couple pairs of sunglasses. And rather than just put out some cheap review the second I got them, I decided to really wear them for a while and see how I liked them.

Siobahn was cool with that. The folks over at Maui Jim have a seriously chill Aloha attitude about things.

He sent me a pair of Ironwoods and a pair of Surf Riders to try out.

The Surf Riders looked awesome. But they were too small for my fat face. Too bad, too because I probably would have worn them a lot. They’re definitely my style.



Oh well. My brother is currently enjoying them instead.

But he also gave me that pair of Ironwoods. And I can tell you, without a doubt, that they are the BEST sunglasses I have ever owned.


They are polarized. Which means direct sunlight is reflected into a different direction, away from my eyes. In other words, it doesn’t just shade my eyes. It protects them.

The only time this is annoying is when I wear them inside for some reason and look at a computer screen. I literally can’t even see the screen. But, that’s my problem, not their’s. Nobody should wear shades inside. That’s just ridiculous.

The frames and lenses have a lifetime warranty, which is nice because kids always seem to want to rip my sunglasses off of my face, or I drop them, or I sit on them. You know, stuff like that. So far these have been pretty indestructible. Not a dent or a scratch on them, and even when I accidentally bend them completely the wrong way, they pop right back.

But in the end, words are words. Do I use them, or not?

The answer is, all the time. I LOVE them. And here’s the proof.

And when you’re done, be sure to get yourself a pair here.












highly recommend going with Maui Jim next time you want to make a solid investment in sunglasses.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing