Partner with Single Dad Laughing on his “Favorite Daily Things!”

So, you’ve got an awesome product, huh? That’s good because I have an awesome platform. We should partner up!

If you follow Single Dad Laughing on Facebook, you’re no stranger to my twice-daily Favorite Things albums full of epic memes. I run an evening batch and a morning batch every single day.

I have nearly 2 million followers. The reach on each “Favorite Things” album is between one and two million Facebook users, often much, much higher (and sometimes a bit lower).

These meme albums are powerful tools for partnering because the very nature of them gets people naturally scrolling all the way to the end (where your product will be the very last thing they see).

You will not find anywhere else that gives you this much bang for your buck!

This is a pretty typical “Favorite Things” Album (after 48 hours of being live):

We’ll keep it simple.

Simple is better. WAY better.

This partnership would be for a single image spot, in a single “My Favorite Daily Things” album on SDL’s Facebook Page (unless we agree on running more than one album).

Here’s how the process will work:

  • You’ll fill out the form below and send it to me.
  • I’ll review your submission and make sure it’s a product I would actually believe in and feel comfortable partnering on. I may require a sample product before agreeing to partner.
  • If I’m interested, I’ll get back to you by email with a current price list and anything else I need.
  • If you’re interested, let me know and we’ll finalize the money side of things (PayPal, 100% pre-paid only).
  • After payment is received, I will give you the date and time that your post will go live.
  • That’s it! Super simple. When your product image goes live, the description (which will include a link to your website) will be tagged with #ad, #spon, or via the Facebook branded content tool. If you have a Facebook page, that will be tagged as well.

IMPORTANT NOTE: there are no performance guarantees. There are no click guarantees. There are no reach guarantees. There are no guarantees, whatsoever. I’ll be posting your product for my part of the deal. It’s up to you how you price it and market it on your end. My advice? Don’t jack your price up to try and take advantage of high traffic. In my experience, reasonable prices lead to much higher sales.

Supporting small businesses. Supporting charities.

I am a small-business owner. I know how tough it can be to put a lot of eyes on something with a limited budget. I am really hoping this opportunity helps small business owners all over the world.

I also donate 10% of every partnership fee to the Single Dad Laughing Quiet Goodness Fund or other important charities/GoFundMe campaigns. The world just works better when we all support each other, wouldn’t you agree?

Ready to roll?

Fill out this form and submit it. I usually answer within 24-48 hours. If for some reason you don’t hear from me within 72 hours, message me on Facebook.

Will you need help creating the graphic for the album?

The following questions will help me know more about your product. Please answer as accurately as possible.

What type of product do you want to promote?

How long have you been in business with this product?

What is the average price consumers pay for your product(s)?
$10 or less$50 or less$50-$200More than $200

What are your annual sales of this product?

What are your annual sales of all your products?

Would you be interested in a saturation discount for purchasing a partnership on more than one album up front?
NoYes, 2-3Yes, 3-5Yes, 5+

Upload an image of your product. Max 2 MB.

And do you also agree to and understand the following? (required)

1. There is no guarantee I will accept a partnership with your product. I only partner with small business owners who have products I think will be high-quality and great for my following.

2. There is no guarantee of reach on any "Favorite Things" album. You get what you get. You may get lucky and be part of a runaway album (with one or more viral memes), you may get average reach, or the numbers may be below average.

3. There is no guarantee that with any amount of reach you'll get a certain amount of clicks to your site/product.

4. You will send me a sample of your product if I need to experience it or its quality for myself (this is highly likely).

5. All of the information you are submitting is accurate and you shared your legal name above.

6. Dan Pearce and Single Dad Laughing, LLC is not responsible in any way for your product, liability of said product, quality of product, shipping, refunds, warranties, etc. You assume all legal liability and responsibility for your product and your services.

7. You will service every customer properly and with respect and promptness, and you will make right any problem with any order.

8. You are, indeed, one of the awesomest people on Earth.