Phiaton Bridge MS 500 Headphones Review


Worth it?
Very stylish (and simple) accents and leather. Fantastic sound. Built-in mic.
Triangular ear cups uncomfortable on large ears after a while.

If you’re looking for rich bass and incredible sound, these headphones deliver.


MSRP: $299.

Okay, here’s my official review from a guy who isn’t an expert on all things audio, but who just loves and appreciates incredible sound when he hears it.

Phiaton has done a really nice job with this set of headphones.

Starting with looks, I don’t know t hat they can be beat. They feel sexy from the moment you pull them out of the box. The black leather and red accent covering on the aluminum body have an Italian sports car type feel.

My only complaint about these headphones is the shape and size of the ear cups. I am a big man and I have big ears. These headphones don’t quite cover them as much as they would the average person, so a little more ambient noise makes its way in. All in all though, this is a minor inconvenience and hardly a trade-off for the pros of these headphones.

The sound quality is excellent. Phiaton has packed a deep, rich base into the sound without overdoing it. The higher frequencies are crystal clear.

I will definitely use these headphones and definitely recommend them to anyone looking for style mixed with quality sound.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing