Dan’s Photography


Welcome to my Single Dad Laughing Photography Page! In the slideshow at the top of this page, you’ll always be able to find some of the most recent popular photographs that I’ve taken (or that I personally love). Directly above you’ll see thumbnails to the last 50 images (at a time) in my Single Dad Laughing Flickr stream, and if you click on “interesting” you’ll see those photos that have been the most popular on Flickr.

Many of these images are those that I have used for blog posts on my Single Dad Laughing Blog. Some will show up here before they ever show up in the blog, so check back often if you’d like the occasional sneak-peek!

Many people ask me what photography equipment I use. I’ve listed that below. Thanks, and enjoy!

Equipment that I use:
Camera Body: Canon 5D Mark III
Lenses: Canon L-Series 24-105 mm. Canon L-Series 100-400 mm. Canon USM 100 mm Macro.
Extender: Canon x2 Extender.
Flash: Canon Speedlite 580 EX II. Canon Macro Ring Lite 14EX.