My new memoir. Coming later this fall.

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It’s a new kind of memoir. A different kind of memoir. Hilarious. Troublesome. Introspective. Revealing. And human.

Wait. Did I mention hilarious? Good. Because you’re gonna laugh. A lot.

Originally finished two years ago, there was quite a flurry centered around this book when my agent presented my manuscript to all of the biggest publishers. Editor after editor showed major and immediate interest in taking it on, and all signs pointed to an amazing book deal followed by something far more important: what I hoped to be a truly important and entertaining book.

You see, I wrote this book with three major goals in mind. First, to make humans laugh (constantly) cover to cover. Second, to make humans think (differently and poignantly) about the stories, mistakes, and lessons of their own lives. And finally, to present an absorbing read in which the reader doesn’t quite put together the full message of the book until the final sentence (skipping ahead won’t help you there).

I’ll tell you much more about it once it’s available. For now, I’ve gotta finish the final details (and record the audiobook version).

Yep. In the end, the editors themselves wanted it, but each and every final acquisitions team came to the conclusion that my book was simply too risky in a time where the book industry isn’t taking any chances.

Why? I suppose it was mostly due to the greatly varied stories I tell within. Maybe it was because I wrote in a memoir style all my own. Maybe it was because they just didn’t get it. They didn’t get me. They didn’t get my following. “Give us a good and happy dad memoir and we’ll publish it in a heartbeat.” I heard that so many times, and I always stood by my belief that this book was the right book.

“I’ll just publish it myself!” I said. But I couldn’t. My agent refused to sign it back to me until our two-year contract was up, certain that one of the any publishers would find a way to rationalize the risk they saw. I nearly begged him monthly to give it back. He wouldn’t. And so for two entire years, I waited.

Of course this book is risky. It’s risky as hell, if I’m being honest. And that is precisely why you’re all going to love it. After all… Playing it safe has never really been my cup of tea around here; and I don’t think it’s yours, either.