Copy All In One SEO Pack Description to Blog Excerpt WordPress Plugin

I’ve developed a WordPress plugin which automatically lets the user click a single button in the Settings > Writing screen, which after hitting “save” automatically copies the content in the “Description” section (in every post) for the All in One SEO Pack plugin and saves it into the excerpts section (of each post) in the database.

If the post has no content in the description section of the All in One SEO Pack, nothing is copied.

This is extremely useful if you have never used excerpts before and suddenly you need them for new themes or widgets. It will save you a lot of manual data entry.

It does not automatically execute on files in the future, though, so either start manually adding the excerpts each time you begin a new post, or run the plugin again.

I developed this plugin because I wanted my new website to show the same teaser that I put into the description box of the All in One SEO Plugin on the main blog page and on category pages. Before changing the excerpts, it would show just the first few lines of text from each blog post.

My traffic immediately went up when people could read the summary teaser instead of the first few lines which often didn’t tease at all.

Worked great for me. Backup your database before you run this plugin.

Thanks, Dan