So Excited to Hang Up Our New Fracture Prints

Have you heard of Fracture yet? They print whatever you want directly on glass, and send you an extremely high quality work of art to hang on your wall (along with everything you need to hang it).

Anyway, they sent me three of their Large square Fractures so that I could see what kind of quality they offered, and I could not be more pleased. These things are amazing.

The only downside? Noah and I aren’t moving for a few more weeks! It’s going to be torture waiting to hang these up. They just make me happy, and I want them displayed where everyone who comes over can see them.

The thing I don’t about all the world being captured and shared digitally is that all the pictures tend to disappear after a while.

I just like having printed versions of all my favorite pictures. Because of that, I decided to go the collage route and put in tons of my favorite pictures from the last few years. I didn’t do this on Fracture’s website. I had to do it on my computer, then submit the finished collage as a single photo.

I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. These things are awesome. I highly suggest you visit the Fracture website and order some of their amazingness. I’ll be cherishing these (hopefully) forever.

Dan Pearce | The Single Dad Laughing Blog

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