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My pain can beat up your pain

I have a very serious question to pose... at what point can people just agree that one person's pain is just as bad as...

Saturday’s Heroes – Carissa

Carissa. She is and always will be my greatest inspiration and number one hero. She is my sister. She died a few years ago....

Bullies. “Their Not Even Human”

After publishing a memoir about the bullying I received, thousands of comments poured in. Some were heart breaking. others broke my heart in a totally different way.

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Yeah, right. You just want beer.

Trust. It's an interesting thing, when you think about it.You pull up to an intersection and a man dressed in filthy Levis and a...

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Epic People Watching – The Old Couple’s Make-Out Gauntlet

The old man must have been 85. At least. His wife, not far behind him in years. And I watched as they blocked an aisle of the grocery store and had a little fun every time someone passed.

The Faith Letter

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