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Bachelor Bites – Mimi’s Carrot Raisin Bread Recipe

I've searched high and low over the internet for a good copy cat recipe for my favorite bread in the wide world (yeah, Noah...

He sits. And he waits.

As you'll remember from this post (which brought a few, ummm... passionate animal right's activists against me), Noah and I adopted our dog B.B. in mid-December....

Bugs. Food. Awesome.

I have a question that has confounded me for years. Where do fruit flies come from? I mean, I thought those things had an...

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Should you get divorced?

Today's post is one that attempts to answer a question many people ask me. Feel free to read it, though it won't hurt my...

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Here I go. I'm putting myself out there to see if I can land a hot date. Here is my online dating profile. Send me a message if you're interested!

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